Top 5 Best Passenger Car Tires 2022

Tires do a lot more than just help a vehicle move forward. They also play a crucial role in a vehicle’s safety as well as fuel efficiency. However, with so many different brands out there, vehicle owners can get confused when making the appropriate choice. Some of the factors that one needs to look at when choosing a passenger car tire are affordability, industry reputation, reliability and tread-life warranties. To make things easier for vehicle owners, we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the top car tires in 2022. 

  • Michelin

For vehicle owners who prefer a safer and noiseless riding experience, Michelin’s passengers tire models such as the Primacy 4, Energy XM2+, Pilot Sport 3, and Pilot Sport 4 can do the trick. A significant amount of vehicle owners tend to trust the Michelin name due to the limited 6 –year warranty they offer in case of any manufacturing defects. Michelin has been a popular choice for vehicles that frequent normal roads at higher speeds which have made them the highest overall rated tire brand according to Tire Rack Consumers. 

  • Giti Tires

Giti Tires has innovatively tailored passenger tires for SUVs, 4x4s, trucks, commercial vans, motorsports and more for quite some time now. Giti’s GitiSynergy H2 is an example of a passenger tire that is preferred by drivers who prioritise safety over speed.  Drivers and families who seek a combination of comfort, safety, mileage and fuel savings tend to go for the GitiSynergy H2, which has won the title of “European original equipment tire” in recent years. 

  • Goodyear

Vehicle owners that prefer strong braking, acceleration and greater handling on the road, tend to go for Goodyear passenger tires. The highly durable sidewalls of the Goodyear Assurance Duraplus 2 offer a special advantage for drivers who want to minimise interior noise throughout the tire’s life span.  Goodyear tires and their excellent performance in hot conditions have led to it receiving the“summer tire manufacturer of the year” award from leading German magazine Auto Bild. 

  • Bridgestone 

Bridgestone’s Turanza and Ecopia tire models for passenger vehicles achieve low rolling resistance, making it ideal for those who want improved fuel efficiency. Those who enjoy the thrill, comfort and performance of long drives will find the Turanza brand a balanced option that achieves all three. No wonder Bridgestone recently won the Tyre Manufacturer of the Year award at the UK TyreSafe Awards 2022, judging by consumer feedback. 

  • Continental 

Germany-based Continental has a range of 59 different tire models available. Its touring tires, medium-duty truck and SUV tires are known for their superb performance worldwide. Drivers love the fact that continental tires provide a substantial range, especially at the performance end. In particular, drivers love the Continental ProContact XT tire due to its performance in both dry and wet road conditions. SUV, sedan and wagon drivers tend to prefer these tires as they can deliver maximum performance while not compromising on safety. This is quite evident from the fact that it won the Tire Manufacturer of the Year award for the third time in the last eight years.

How to select a good passenger tire? 

Vehicle owners should always remember that no matter how good the vehicle is, using the wrong tires can result in decreased performance and compromise the safety of the vehicle. This is why it is very important to select the best passenger tires one can find. 

When choosing a tire, vehicle owners need to consider three factors – Rim size, tread width and sidewall width. All of these factors should be complementary while evaluating which tire works best for the particular vehicle and driver. 

  • Rim size: When choosing a tire, vehicle owners need to keep the size of the tire as well as that of the rim in mind. If the rim is bigger than the chosen tire, it results in a decreased sidewall height, which negatively impacts the handling quality of the vehicle
  • Tread width: Tread width depends on the type of vehicle used. Wider treads are preferred for cars which generate a lot of power and frequently reach high speeds while cornering. On the other hand, a narrower tread is preferred for vehicle owners who want to improve their fuel mileage. 
  • Sidewall height: The sidewall height should be chosen to keep the size of the new tire as close to that of the old ones. 


Choosing the best tires depends on the vehicle and the driving habits of the owner. The above are just some of the most reputed and high-quality tire brands that exist in the current market. However, there is no particular tire model that works for all. The best tires for performance will depend on the driving style, vehicle type and the kind of terrain the vehicle will be traversing in. 

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