Why is it important to attend a Traffic School?

So, you’ve received a traffic violation ticket where you have to pay a fine and attend a traffic school. If you are considering skipping the traffic school, there can be serious consequences to it. Let’s discuss them below:

1. Your insurance premium will most likely go up if you do not attend a traffic school and pass the test

If you decide to pay off the fine and not attend the traffic school, the traffic violation will be recorded on your driving license. This will mean that your insurance premium can go up by anywhere between 20%-30%. The average cost of attending an online traffic school is a mere $35 and usually takes less than 2 hours to complete and pass the test. Compare that to hundreds that you may end up paying when your insurance premium goes up.

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2. It can hurt your chances of getting a driver-related job

If you have points on your license, it won’t work in your favor when your potential employer runs a background check on you for a driving-related job. These points generally stay on your driving record for up to 3 years, so it is better to attend a traffic school, mask your ticket, and put the violation behind you.

3. Traffic violation points add up and can lead to suspension

Every time you do not attend a traffic school, the violation points stay on your license, and they add up. It’s only a matter of time before you hit the ceiling and your driving license gets revoked.

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4. A traffic school makes you a better driver

When you attend a traffic school, you are essentially taking a refresher course and learning traffic safety laws. So, you will only become a better and safer driver if you attend.

Things to Remember When Selecting a Traffic School

You have the option of either attending an in-person traffic school or an online one. Online Traffic schools are much more convenient and quicker to complete. When you search for a traffic school online, make sure that it is certified by the court. You can check that by going to the court’s website and looking at the list of approved traffic schools. Once you find the list, check for reviews from people who have already attended the traffic schools and select the one which is best reviewed and quickest to complete.

When you sign up for the traffic school online, you will need to enter your details, including traffic citation number, drivers’ license, etc. You can then start the course and complete it at your own pace. Usually, it takes no more than 2 hours if you want to complete it in one go. Once the course is completed, you can take the test. You will need to have a score of 80% in most cases to pass the test. After you pass the test, you can download your completion certificate and use it to mask your violation.

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