Why hire a Rochester criminal defense attorney immediately?

A few things in life are as overwhelming as facing a criminal charge. Immediately after you are charged, you should take measures and steps to protect yourself. Many people assume that they can put their heads in a bucket of water and nothing will happen. Unfortunately, for matters that concern criminal law, it is important to be aggressive. One of the first steps is to hire a Rochester criminal defense attorney. Here are five key reasons why you need to lawyer up immediately. 

  1. It costs the same. If you are assuming that hiring a criminal defense attorney at the last minute will save you some money, you are mistaken. In fact, if you lawyer up immediately, you have the scope to choose a law firm that you prefer. When you are in a hurry, you may end up hiring the first lawyer you find, which may not be in your favor.  
  2. You have time to work on your legal strategy. Evidence and other factors can delay the process of filing charges, and you could have some extra time to work with an attorney. A criminal defense attorney can start reviewing your case and plan things accordingly. They can come up with legal strategies that can help attack the charges. 
  3. You have advice to talk to the investigator. We all know that investigators can be nasty and very specific with questions. No matter what the investigator says, they are not on your side and will only want you to accept certain things. That’s their job. When you hire a lawyer immediately, they will advise you about the things you should and shouldn’t say to the investigator. You wouldn’t want to talk yourselves to additional charges. 
  4. Get help with bail. Your lawyer can also offer support and services when a warrant is issued. Your attorney’s role is to get you out of court immediately, and they will do what it takes to lower the bail costs. Depending on the circumstances, a lawyer can also keep the client out of court and ensure that the process is expedited. 
  5. Legal matters are complicated. Let’s not forget that criminal charges are not to be taken for granted. Even a small charge could have consequences for your present and the future. Hiring an attorney only improves your chances of getting a fair outcome.

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