What states are great for your child’s education and future?

Humans are naturally nomadic since ever. While we have evolved as humans and have started living a much stable life than in ancient times but even after all the progress, there are many people who move places in search of a better quality of life. People move for many reasons including career opportunities, professional growth, psychological reasons, and higher education. Education is the basis of one’s life and lifestyle so many parents want to live at a place where they can provide good education to their children. If you too are planning to move and education is one of the important factors that you are considering while deciding your destination state, this list is for you. A state government plays a significant role in the standard of its education so some states are known for providing better education facilities than others. Here we will discuss the states that are known for a good education system based on preschool enrolment charges, cost of college fee, number of higher learning institutions, and graduation rates:


Massachusetts is known as the second-highest educated state of the U.S. as more than 90% of Massachusetts adults have acquired high school diplomas and more than 52% of adults have acquired Bachelor’s degrees. The state has a number of top-rated public schools that generate amazing reading test scores and is also known for high ACT scores. But, before you hire the long distance movers, make sure you know about education system of other states too.


More than 39% of Virginian adults have Bachelor’s or higher degree that making Virginia the seventh most educated place in the U.S. Along with high math test scores, Virginia is also known for good education policies and has the lowest bullying incidences in its educational institutes.


Connecticut is placed at 5th number when we talk about the most educated states in the U.S. Its ACT score is the highest i.e. 25.5. The state is not only known best for students but for teachers too. Connecticut spends almost $18,950 per student that is quite high as compared to other states.

New Jersey

With the lowest dropout rate, New Jersey is another best place for education. The pupil-teacher ratio in New Jersey is very low making it the best state for teachers too. The state pays fairly well to its teachers and spends around $22,000 per pupil.


Minnesota is known for its highest median SAT rates and is at number six in the overall quality of education. However, the math test score rates of Minnesota are a matter of concern, graduation rates are increasing in public schools. Even the high school diploma attainment rates of Minnesota are second-highest in the U.S.

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Vermont is also known for its educated population as the state stands at 8th position in terms of education. The state has the lowest pupil-teacher ratio that enhances the quality of education as teachers are able to concentrate on the individual student. It is also known for the lowest bullying cases at high schools in the U.S.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire stands at number nine in the matter of education attainment. At least 36% of New Hampshire adults acquire Bachelor’s or higher degrees and the state has a number of good public schools too. In terms of pupil-teacher ratio, New Hampshire stands at number 5 in the country ensuring a better educational environment for students and good job opportunities for teachers. So, the overall education system of New Hampshire is very good.


Maryland is at number four when we talk about states that have the highest educational attainment in the country. More than 39% of its adults have a Bachelors or higher degree making the state a good choice for education. Maryland is one of the states that have the highest number of public schools. The low pupil-teacher ratio makes Maryland one of the best choices when you consider your kids’ education as a priority.


Wisconsin has the best public schools in the country and more than 90% of its adults have attained a high school diploma at least. The Median SAT score of Wisconsin is very high that makes it a good choice if you want your kids to enrol in any competitive exams. The education quality of Wisconsin is very high.


Along with good education quality, Delaware is also known for the safety of students as the state has the lowest bullying rates at schools. Even the ACT average score of the state is higher than the average score of the country. Though the pupil-teacher ratio of Delaware has a little higher than the national average, the state stands at 15th position when the quality of education is considered.


Florida is another state that offers good education quality and attainment. The high school graduation rate of the state is quite high and the college tuition fee is comparatively low than other states of similar education quality.

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Washington Is known for its high school graduation rate that is higher even than the national average. Recently the state has acquired a good position among the most educated states in the U.S.

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