The gearbox is one of the essential parts of your car, and it is critical to your safety when driving. It is a costly part of your vehicle, so you don’t want to ignore any signs of a faulty gearbox. This guide informs you of the signs that indicate something is amiss with your gearbox.

A fluid leak or low levels

A fluid leak is pretty obvious to spot because all you have to do is check under your car or place cardboard under the car in the driveway. An automatic transmission fluid comes in handy for mitigating friction and overheating in the gearbox in automatic gearboxes. The transmission fluid should be constant; therefore, any sign of a leak under your car indicates a problem.

A fluid leak manifests in the form of a red fluid pooling under your car after parking, and it is dangerous because it can burn the gearbox, causing it to turn black or brown. It also causes a rubber-like rubber-like smell, indicating a leakage or debris in the gearbox.

Hard shifting gears

According to gearbox experts at, you have a faulty gearbox if you have trouble shifting your gears. It is easy to notice a hesitation between changing gears or disconnection while operating the gearbox.

This gearbox problem originates from several issues, including faulty sensors, a clogged filter, and the wrong transmission fluid. If you have trouble shifting your gears, it is a sign that you need to visit a gearbox expert.

Weird noises

Weird noises coming from your gearbox signify that you have a loose or damaged spark. The noise often comes up when changing the gear. If you notice a banging noise as the car moves into neutral, this is a good sign that you have loose parts in the clutch, and the looser the gear, the greater the damage.

A whistling noise is even worse because it indicates that your gearbox bearings are damaged, and you may have to replace the gearbox altogether. If you notice a grinding sound as you shift the gears, it is a sign that the clutch is worn out and the synchronizers are also severely damaged.

If you have an automatic transmission car, you will notice a humming, buzzing, or whining sound as you change the gear instead of the smooth shift you are used to. That indicates a problem with the torque converter, and you should have your car checked out.


Slippage is very dangerous and can even cause accidents when driving. It occurs when your gears change without warning and cause abrupt acceleration or braking. Although modern cars have an inbuilt safety feature to prevent this, you must visit a mechanic immediately when you notice such a problem. If you have an older version of a car, you will need a gearbox replacement if slippage occurs.

The takeaway

Strange noises, trouble shifting gears, fluid leak, slippage, and any out-of-the-ordinary behavior with your gears are signs that something is amiss in the gearbox. You should visit a gearbox specialist before more damage occurs and makes the repair even more costly.

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