What Compensation Are You Entitled To Seek For Defective Drugs?

Although people usually consume pharmaceutical drugs to recover from a particular condition, there are several instances when a defect in the drug leads to unwanted and potentially life-endangering side effects. Victims are entitled to seek compensation from companies that manufacture and sell defective drugs. 

A Los Angeles injury lawyer has detailed knowledge regarding the research and development of pharmaceutical drugs and how information is submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval. They enable you to build a strong case and seek maximum compensation for your damages. 

What kind of compensation can you seek?

Every personal injury case is different in nature, and there is no set value of compensation that you can receive. The amount you receive varies depending on the type and extent of your damages. An experienced attorney can help you consider all your damages and evaluate a fair settlement value. 

  • Medical injuries. 

Drug defects can lead to complications such as heart attacks, strokes, hypertension, congenital disabilities, and even death. These require extensive treatment, and victims may be forced to pay expensive hospital bills to recover. The compensation recovers all the medical costs that resulted and will result from the drug defect. In the case of disabilities, it also provides for ongoing medical support. 

  • Lost wages. 

Health complications may hinder an individual’s ability to work and earn their livelihood. They are compensated for the income they lost when they could not work because of their injuries. When injuries permanently affect their capacity to earn, they are compensated for the loss of earning capacity. 

  • Pain and suffering. 

Dealing with intense injuries and their consequences due to drug defects can be emotionally distressing. Victims have to endure a lot of mental suffering even after recovering. They may be subjected to limitations for the rest of their lives. The quality of life suffers, and they may experience a loss of enjoyment in life. 

  • Loss of consortium. 

Your spouse may be entitled to compensation for loss of consortium because of the impact of the complications on your relationship. These are more common in cases where the victims have a permanent disability or impotence due to drug defects. 

Your lawyer enables you to navigate the complex legal process to seek your deserved compensation. They help you prove the liability of the negligent party and the extent of your damages by collecting favorable evidence. They are aware of your distress during this time and help you attain peace of mind. 

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