What are the different types of roofs that roofers can install for you?

A roofer’s main services are to provide services regarding a roof, just like fixing a part of the roof, fixing some tiles, fixing the gutter of the roof, cleaning the roof, but most of all, a roofer’s main job is to replace a roof with whatever you may want. Only very few professional austin roof contractors can install all types of roofs, even the solar ones. It is not the job for any local roofer, as they are not trained and licensed. It takes real experience to install wood roofs properly as well as expensive and delicate solar roofs, which are a huge investment and the future of the world when it comes to roofs and green energy alternatives.

Therefore, if you are a homeowner and want to get your roof replaced but are not aware of different types of roofs, then they are the following:

Shingle roofing.

9 out of 10 roofs have shingle roofing done to them. They are the most common types of roofing in the USA. The lifespan of this kind of roof is a lot, it can easily last for 20 years to 30 years which is incredible, and the more complementary part about single roofing is that they can be recycled and used again. Maintenance is necessary every now and then for it to last 20 years to 30 years. Out of all the other types of roofs, these are the most affordable ones. What is even better is that they are available in all kinds of colors and can work in all types of weather conditions, whether it is hot or cold, shingle roofing is durable.

Wood roofing.

This type of roofing can last more than five decades easily. These roofs are made by the materials that can repel insects i.e., cedar, redwood, and pine etc. The wooden roof can cost anywhere from 5 dollars to 7 dollars when talking in square foot measurement. The thing with wooden roofs is that you have to take care of them deliriously and always be lookout for hazards as they can easily get damaged if the weather is too hot or too cold.

Metal roofing.

Metal roofing is 200 years old; it is used in modern houses a lot with materials such as zinc as well as aluminum. These materials can be transferred from one place to another with ease. Metal roofing is very durable, it can last for a long time but despite it being metal, it is quite light. Similar to shingle roofing, it can be recycled and reused again. But the thing with metal roofs is that they are really complicated to install. Real professional austin roof contractors are needed for this job. If some problems happen during installation, warps as well as ripples can occur.

Clay tiled roofing.

This came from China and is 5,000 years old. It is still very popular in Asian countries. It costs around 8 dollars to 20 dollars when it comes to square feet measurements. What is amazing is that this type of roofing can last from 50 years to over 100 years. They can handle high winds as far as 150 mph.

Solar roofing.

This is basically a roof with solar panels attached through he shingles. This is deemed as the future of the world; it is green and saves energy. Although the color and the styles are said to evolve over time, but solar roofs are the future and they are quite expensive costing 21 dollars to 28 dollars when it comes to per square foot and can last 20 years to 30 years easily.

Green roofing.

This is the most natural type of roofing. Anyone who loves mother nature can get this roof. It can absorb all the rain water which would get wasted in some homes. The roof lasts 30 years to 50 years and costs around 10 dollars to 25 dollars when it comes to square foot measurements.

Therefore, see which roof type fits well within your budget, climate, area, and style and get your roof replaced with professional austin roof contractors.

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