Veritas Global Protection Unveils Electric Vehicle Protection

Electric vehicles have received global acceptance due to their innovative technology that can help save the planet. Since hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles are on public roads, it is safe to say that there are many reasons to buy an electric vehicle. The good news is that Veritas Global Protection has electric vehicle protection plans for clients who own electric cars.

Reasons to Buy an Electric Car

1. Save the Planet

The auto industry is to blame for the bulk of greenhouse gasses produced worldwide. This can be attributed to the hundreds of millions of vehicles that burn many fossil fuels daily.

To save the planet, consumers must avoid using vehicles that burn gasoline or diesel and adopt greener technologies, such as electric vehicles.

By purchasing an electric vehicle, consumers will be reducing their carbon footprint and doing their part to help save the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Financial Incentives

The Federal Government and most state governments nowadays offer financial incentives to promote the uptake of electric vehicles in the country. For instance, there is a Federal tax credit ranging from $2,500 to $7,000 for taxpayers who purchase vehicles powered by fuel cells, hybrid vehicles, and battery-powered electric vehicles.

On the other hand, the clean vehicle rebate project provides rebates to low-income households that buy electric vehicles. Many local governments and household utility companies also provide rebates to consumers who buy/lease electric cars and install electric car charging stations.

This shows that consumers can get back most of the money they use to buy an electric vehicle, which is an excellent reason to buy an electric car.

3. Save on Fuel Costs

A picture of a gas pump showing the high gas prices and money you can save with an electric vehicle.

The cost of charging the battery on an electric vehicle is negligible compared to buying gasoline or diesel for an ordinary vehicle. With an electric vehicle, the owner only needs to install a charging station in their garage and plug their vehicle as they go to sleep.

Visiting the local filling station is not necessary to get gassed up. This can save a person a lot of money both in the short-term and long term. Drivers who do not have charging stations at home can leave their vehicle at an electric utility charging station in the morning. Rates are usually lowest in the morning hours.

In addition to saving on fuel costs, electric car owners can also expect to save on maintenance costs. This is because there is no engine oil to change, filters to replace, or radiators to fix. This makes electric vehicles a huge money-saver.

If something does break down in your car and you have a vehicle protection plan with Veritas Global Protection, then there is nothing to worry about. They have many different coverage plans, including electric vehicle protection plans for those who use an electric car to get around.

4. Access the Carpool Lane When Driving Solo

To use the carpool lane in most places, vehicles must be occupied by at least two people. However, the Clean Air Vehicle Program allows drivers of electric vehicles to access the carpool lane even if they are alone in their electric vehicle.

This is an added perk, especially if you live in a large city or highly populated area with lots of traffic on the freeway.

5. Have Fun Driving

Electric vehicles have faster acceleration and impressive performance than internal combustion engines. Most drivers who have switched to electric cars enjoy driving them due to their acceleration and performance.

Positioning the battery pack in the back center makes electric vehicles great to handle because the center of gravity is lowered.

Electric Vehicle Protection Plans

The coverage needs of electric vehicles differ significantly from those of vehicles with internal combustion engines. For starters, electric vehicles have an electric motor instead of an engine and a battery pack instead of a fuel tank.

These vehicles also have a unique system for controlling the vehicle speed. Veritas Global Protection has designed electric plans to meet the coverage needs of electric vehicle owners. The following is a detailed look at the electric vehicle protection plans offered by Veritas Global Protection.

1. Drivetrain Coverage

The Drivetrain protection plan covers the battery pack of electric and hybrid vehicles, electric or hybrid engine, transmission, generator, DC converter, power inverter module, onboard charging module, electrically powered compressor, and the electric vehicle control unit. This vehicle protection plan also covers traditional drive-train systems.

2. Drivetrain Deluxe Coverage

This covers all the standard drive-train components, air conditioning system, cooling system, power window motors, starter motor, voltage regulator, alternator, power trunk switch, power antenna motor, and power door lock actuator, among others.

3. Preferred Coverage

This includes both drivetrain and drivetrain deluxe components. This electric vehicle protection plan also covers the suspension, steering, and braking systems, excluding the brake pads.

4. Premier Coverage

This is considered the best electric vehicle protection plan. It covers almost all the electrical and mechanical components in an electric vehicle.

Anything that’s not covered is listed under the exclusion clauses, so drivers need to pay attention to this particular section to ensure they are fully aware of what is not covered by the premier level of coverage.

Veritas Global Protection is an industry leader in the vehicle service contracts industry. The company now leads the pack by offering innovative electric vehicle protection plans.

After purchasing an electric vehicle protection plan from the company, drivers can have peace of mind driving their electric vehicles anywhere in the country. If the vehicle develops a problem, Veritas Global Protection will send a local partner to offer roadside assistance. If the repairs are projected to take a lot of time to complete, a rental car will be provided free of charge.

These are just some of the bonuses offered by Veritas Global Protection to ensure drivers are never inconvenienced by breakdowns when they have a valid vehicle protection plan from the company.

Drivers are advised to read their service contracts’ inclusion and exclusion clauses before purchasing to determine what is covered and what is not.

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