Top Car Gadgets You Need When Learning to Drive

What Gadgets Do You Actually Need When Learning To Drive?


Learning to drive for the very first time can be one of the most testing tasks you will ever face in your life.

For some people, driving comes as second nature, and there is little effort required to learn all of the multitasking that driving requires.

The sequence of operating the car, so it does what you want it to do when you want it done, can be a huge task to learn! And that’s not including all of the other additional elements of driving, such as spatial awareness, coordination, and overall constant concentration.

Anyone can learn to drive from the age of 17 in the UK, and there is a rise in demand for the amount of people who are learning to drive who actually fall into an older age range.

Regardless of what time of life you choose to begin learning to drive, you may find there are some great and practical gadgets available that can help you with some of the elements of driving you may find tricky to master.

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Here are the top gadgets for 2021 that may help you when you are learning to drive.

Sat Nav Devices

When you are learning to drive, being on the road in complete control of a car may be daunting, especially if there is the potential for you to be travelling on roads or routes you are unfamiliar with.

Sat navs are incredible gadgets to have. They can restore some confidence in driving those roads you may not know while being quite discreet and unassuming.

It is not necessary to be focussed on the screen of the sat nav to get the best out of their knowledge, as they will speak to you to enable you to keep your eyes on the road.

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Dash Cams

Dash cams are very small cameras that can be fitted to your vehicle and have the ability to perform many different functions when you are learning to drive.

Dashcams are one of those gadget-like devices that offer a “third eye” on your journey and surroundings when you are driving, and they can see and record images that your eyes may miss.

One of the most significant elements to get hold of is learning spatial awareness when you are learning to drive.

Dash cams can help with this element of driving to a certain degree by providing a complete view around the vehicle so you can gauge your distances.

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Proximity Sensors

Often called parking sensors ar reversing sensors, these are alarms that you can have installed in the vehicle you are learning to drive in. It will give off a tonal warning when a specific area of the vehicle gets too close to a detectable obstruction.

These sensors can be beneficial when you are learning to park or navigating busy streets as they will set off an audible alert when a physical hazard is detected, such as:

  • A person
  • An object in the road
  • A curb
  • A Bollard
  • Another Vehicle

These audible proximity alarms may assist you initially in developing your spatial awareness. Still, some people find them incredibly useful for everyday driving, especially in busy built-up areas, to ensure that their car positioning allows enough space between the body of the car you are driving and other potential physical hazards.

In-Car Communication System

While you are learning to drive independently, you should always start off with good habits.

It is currently illegal to operate a mobile phone device while in charge of a moving vehicle. This includes something as simple as just answering the phone call with a slight tap. It reduces your concentration on the road and can cause fatal accidents.

Having an in-car communications system installed into your vehicle can alleviate having to even touch your phone to make and receive calls, as most systems are voice-activated, which increases your element of safe driving too.

These systems can be installed into new cars as standard. Still, you can also purchase systems that can be added to any existing vehicle, utilising Bluetooth connectivity to your phone, or indeed feeding the command and audio information through your car stereo system.

Digital Audio Speakers

Most elements of digital gadgets are now run on either independent operating systems or through Apple or Android.

While you can, of course, use the many functions of a DAB radio that is commonplace in vehicles these days, it may also be nice to have something that plays the information you download onto your phone for entertainment, such as podcasts and audiobooks.

You can get very small speakers designed for your car that have the ability to link up to your smart device to enable you to play anything through the speaker you may already have downloaded on your phone in your car.

These can be incredibly helpful when learning to drive so you can listen to an audio version of the highway code, maybe?!


Learning to drive can be a huge task, regardless of the time of life you decide to start learning.

There is so much to learn to be able to be a competent driver, from spatial awareness to signalling, to making the car go in the direction you need it to go in.

Having gadgets in your car that can improve certain aspects of driving, such as proximity sensors and dash cams, can enhance the areas of driving you may be a little worried about.

The last thing anyone needs as a learner driver is an accident even before they have gained their license!

Use gadgets wisely in cars, and make sure they have a genuine purpose for being there! Any gadget needs to be used for its intended purpose, so it can help you gain confidence in a particular area of driving as well as being great gadgets to have for your further driving years.

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