Take A Trip On The Wild Side With An Off-Road Caravan

It is no exaggeration to claim that Australia has some of the most stunning scenery in the world – and some of the most fascinating and unique flora and fauna. However reaching some of these scenic wonders, either on the majestic coastline of the country – or venturing inland to the heat and forbidding outback takes a special type of off-road caravan. One that has been designed to handle the forbidding conditions while still allowing those who want to venture off the beaten track all the comforts of home.

Sometimes those popular tourist destinations do not offer the sense of peace and relaxation that can only come from isolation. It is the wonder of the wild that draws them in search of adventure to these places – and they offer the perfect opportunity to recharge internal batteries that have been worn down from the grind of city life. Fortunately, has off-road caravans that tick all the boxes – and there is a model to suit the needs of anyone who wants to explore the dirt tracks of the Australian landscape.

Retreat Caravans, a family-owned business has been providing those with a sense of adventure with off-road caravans for over 15 years, and they are committed to building those caravans tough – but making the experience of adventure one that is filled with those little luxuries that provide a firm foundation for memories that will last a lifetime.

Comfort On and Off the Road

There are a number of different models manufactured by Retreat Caravans – and they offer that little something special. take for instance the world-first all-electric off-road caravan – the ERV. After years of dedicated research, Retreat Caravans has produced an RV that makes true off-the-grid travel a reality. Powered by the sun this off-road caravan solves one of the most pressing problems faced by those who want to get under the skin of the wide open spaces of the Outback – the lack of reliable gas canister refills.

Luxury – and the Toughness to Handle Off-Road Conditions.

For those who want an extra dose of durability, there is the DayDream with its 3.7T independent suspension, 16×265 wheels, 12” Brakes, and 6″ A-Frame. This is an off-road caravan that will handle everything that Mother nature can throw at it – and more. but in keeping with the Retreat Caravan’s commitment to luxury, there are plenty of luxury touches. These include the microwave, innerspring mattress, premium stitched upholstery, 12v Rangehood, and mini grill. Add a premium audio system and two external speakers, as well all the electrical outlets and USB ports you require to keep everything up and running and ensure that your electronic equipment remains available.

Virtual Showroom 

Retreat Caravans has a number of other models such as the ultra-lux Fraser and the Whitsunday. There is a design that will be the perfect fit for your off-road needs and your individual sense of style.

Visit the Retreat Caravans virtual showroom at to book your passport to off-road adventure today.

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