Seven Insurance Company Tricks You Must Know About!

When you get into a car accident, the last thing you want to deal with is the insurance company. Despite their sweet and kind words, everyone knows that insurance companies look out for themselves more than other people. Even when you have sufficient proof that you were not responsible for the accident, the insurance adjuster may give you a hard time. 

The best way to deal with annoying insurance adjusters after a personal injury accident is to hire a legal expert. They can help you protect your rights and explore legal options that you would be unaware of otherwise. If you have additional questions about personal injury law, consult with a reputed law firm today. 

Seven insurance company tricks you should know 

  • Delaying the claim. 

The number one tactic that most insurance companies use is delaying the claim. They may not return your calls and ask to reschedule meetings with them repeatedly until you become annoyed and impatient. They may give excuses like “Things take time,” and they do this for two main reasons– either they want you to become tired and simply give up, or they are hoping that you become impatient and settle for whatever amount they want to offer you digitalpinas

  • Creating delusions. 

One famous tactic of the insurance company is creating delusions to minimize your injuries. The insurance adjuster will first appear caring and ask about your injuries. Even if you say the right thing, it is possible that the insurance adjuster will twist your words. They may try to tell you that your demand amount is unfair by telling you that your injuries are not that serious. 

  • Defending. 

If you have been in a personal injury accident and are looking to file an insurance claim against the liable party, you should be ready to face their defenses. In an ideal world, you can walk up to the insurance company, and they give you the amount you demand. Unfortunately, in the real world, insurance companies will try to defend their policyholder as much as possible. It is essential that you hire an attorney to avoid falling into their traps. 

  • Discouraging you from contacting a lawyer. 

When the insurance company learns that you do not have an attorney, they will try their best to discourage you from hiring one. Some common things they might say include: 

  • “Attorneys are expensive.”
  • “You do not need an attorney for a simple case like this one.”
  • “The process becomes longer when you hire an attorney.”

Beware of such traps and exercise your right to hire an attorney. 

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