Regular Maintenance of Your Motor Vehicle Should Keep It Purring for Longer

Most people own a car and, if they live with their family, then the chances are there may be 2 or more cars being used at various times. In fact, there are several studies to show that 2 cars are the average number of vehicles owned by a single-family household and, as you may be aware, each car will require a certain level of maintenance in order to keep them going. As with most things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out, scheduled maintenance of a motor vehicle is no exception, it will save you money and problems.

Here are some checks you can do yourself to avoid future problems.

Tyre checks

You should be able to perform a visual check of your tyres easily, simply by looking at the amount of tread that is left on them. If you want them checked properly then you could take your car to a local garage who can check them for you. If your tyres need replacing then, you could try an Internet search for replacement tyre prices in Brisbane, you’ll get a good selection of new and used tyres to choose from.

Air filter for the engine

The air filter for your engine controls the flow of air into the engine and keeps any dirt and general muck from affecting the performance. You can improve your fuel efficiency, lower your emissions, and extend the life of your engine by ensuring that your air filter is flowing properly. You can improve the airflow by getting a cold air intake kit. If your air filter looks dirty, then it probably needs replacing. Check your owner’s handbook for instructions and how often it needs to be replaced, as this can be done easily at home.

Engine oil and oil filter

The oil in your car’s engine performs a variety of tasks, including lubricating moving parts, acting as a sealant, cooling the engine, reducing wear and tear, and preventing corrosion. It is critical to keep it clean in order to maintain optimum engine health. Depending upon your vehicle, how you drive, the type of oil you use and, the climate, you may need to replace both the oil and the oil filter every 3000 miles or so. Heavy or aggressive use of your engine, including its operating temperature can increase fuel consumption and degrade the oil faster than advertised, regular checks will reduce the chances of any damage to your car massively.

Spark plugs

The mixture of air and gas that powers your car is ignited by the spark plugs in your engine. If any one of the plugs is worn out then you may find it hard to start your car or it just won’t run properly. You should be able to check the spark plugs yourself, if however, they aren’t easy to access then get a local garage to check them for you if your car isn’t performing as usual.

Coolant fluid

Your car also uses a radiator that contains coolant fluid, in order to help cool the engine and make sure it runs properly. Regular checks of the fluid levels and condition will ensure that, the fluid is still good and, that there are no air pockets in the system which can affect cooling performance.


Download a car maintenance app like Autoly that will help you perform a diagnostic test on your machine. You can use the dashboard symbol scanner to identify any issues that are illuminating in front of your eyes or simply check the specs by entering the car’s basic information.

Performing your own diagnostic test will help you understand the situation better when explaining it to a professional mechanic. Autoly and other maintenance apps can be found on either the App or Play Store.

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