Red Shield Administration Unveils An Online Claims Service

A vehicle protection plan is simply a vehicle service contract. The vehicle owner agrees to pay premiums for a plan that would pay for repairs and maintenance within a given period of time or a certain number of miles covered.

This type of plan complements auto insurance policies and manufacturer warranties. It can be customized to fill the coverage gaps left by a manufacturer warranty and auto insurance policy.

While many administrators of vehicle service plans are on the market, Red Shield Administration is the best of the best. With a vehicle protection plan from the company, you’ll always have peace of mind because your vehicle will always be well-taken care of and in good hands.

How it Works

If the manufacturer warranty on your vehicle has expired, or you’ve just purchased a pre-owned vehicle, you must purchase a vehicle protection plan from a reliable company.

This is because machines usually break down at one time or another. It’s unavoidable, so you just need to plan how to fix or maintain your vehicle. A car protection plan details how, where and when you can have your vehicle serviced or fixed in case of a malfunction.

It also states the premiums to be paid before you can enjoy these benefits. Fortunately, the premiums are usually spread out over an extended period of time so that you can pay the premiums in installments.

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When your vehicle breaks down, you only need to get in touch with the company for directions on where to take your vehicle for repairs; Red Shield Administration can respond immediately if you have an emergency.

The repairs or maintenance can be done later; expect your vehicle to be scheduled for repairs or maintenance on the following day. With this plan, you will never have to worry about paying auto repair bills in lump sums as payments are made in small installments.

Secondly, repair costs are pre-negotiated by the service provider, so you can always be assured of getting the best deal. The following are other reasons to choose Red Shield Administration for your vehicle protection plan:

1. Easy-to-Use Claims Process

The company has recently upgraded its website to make it easier for users to file claims online. The goal is to have a claims submission process that is available 24/7.

While users can still submit their claims over the phone, the online claims service is more convenient. Just visit the company’s website on your phone or computer, go to the file a claim section, enter the required details, and wait for a phone call.

If you have an emergency, you can expect to receive an instant decision on your claim. If approved, an agent will call you with instructions on the way forward. This can eliminate all the stress you may be experiencing after your vehicle malfunction.

The company still has an emergency telephone number on its website that you can call whenever you need to make a claim.

2. Quick and Responsive Company

A company’s responsiveness is a measure of the quality of customer service they offer. If a company takes too long to respond or fails to offer any response, you should look for another service provider.

Fortunately, Red Shield Administration is known for its responsiveness. When claims are submitted, a decision is usually offered instantly.

Emergencies can be tended to immediately, while non-emergencies are on the next business day. The company has a network of auto repair shops known for responsiveness, so your call will be answered quickly.

This is important, especially if you’re making a long trip to visit relatives or your vehicle breaks down for business purposes.

3. Large Network of Partners

A picture of a tow truck towing a car to the repair shop.

There is nothing as inconvenient as waiting several hours for a tow truck or mobile auto repair team from another state or town to come to your rescue. This is a waste of time.

You should choose this service provider because the company has an extensive network of partners spread out throughout the country.

It doesn’t matter where your vehicle breaks down, as a local agent will be ready to offer assistance. Just submit your location details and wait for a local partner to call you.

With this knowledge, you can have peace of mind driving around the country because you know that the local partners have your back.

Protection Plans Offered by Red Shield Administration

The company is always keen on ensuring clients get value for money. That is why they have a simplified policy document.

After reading the terms and conditions of the contract, you’ll know what is covered. You’ll also learn about deductibles and how they apply to repairs and maintenance. The company has three protection plans for vehicles and several other plans for motorcycles.

–  Red Shield Select: Offers coverage for both new and used vehicles up to 80,000 miles.

–  Red Shield Guard: There are three vehicle protection plans under the guard program. These are – powertrain enhanced, powertrain plus, and premium plus. These plans offer coverage for up to 100,000 miles.

–  Red Shield Essentials: This protection plan is offered for a limited period, usually 3-9 months.

It is important to note that clients can expect to enjoy free roadside assistance and towing services with all these plans.

Red Shield Auto Protection company is an A-rated business on the Better Business Bureau and has many glowing reviews. This is a testament to the company’s quality of vehicle protection plans.

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