Pickup Truck Running Boards: Pros and Cons

Running boards are attached to pickup trucks for making it easier to enter or exit a taller vehicle. However, things changed when many modern vehicles were manufactured with lower seating installment, which made it easier to step in and step out without the running boards. 

Although there are many vehicles, especially pick up trucks that still use running boards for asthetic purposes. In this article, we are going to discuss various pros and cons of having a running board attached to your vehicle. 

Moreover, we will also mention some of the best brands for buying running borads, including KYXAPS, Heavy Duty, etc.

Pros Of Installating A Running Board

Good for smaller passengers. If the vehicles are taller such as lifted trucks and SUVs, then having a running board comes handy, especially when you got smaller passengers like kids. 

Keeps vehicle safe from hitting debris and rocks. Before vehicle moves, the wheels starts rolling and picks up debris and small rocks from the ground that hits the vehicle. However, when you have a running board, you don’t have be worried about damaging your door or lower side of your vehicle. 

Keeps the interior clean. Passengers often step into the vehicle without cleaning their shoes. Running boards, on the other hand, gives an opportunity to the passengers to clean or wipe their feet before they could step into the vehicle. 

Cons Of Installating A Running Board

Slipper due to weather. When there is a heavy rainfall or snowing, the running board tend to get wet and slippery. It will not only appear dirty but it will also increase the chances of passengers slipping accidentally, especially kids and old people.

Difficult in fixing the vehicle. After installing a running board to your vehicle, it becomes difficult for the professional or you to get under the vehicle to fix it for regular maintenance or changing the oil.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Running Board

It is important to find the purpose of installing a running board before buying it. Choose a running board for functionality or for aesthetic. Although you can choose for both or maybe you don’t need it at all? Find the purpose. 

Determine whether you require a plastic one (which is the most affordable choice but doesn’t last long) or you need a durable one (for a long run but expensive).

Best Pickup Truck Running Boards

#1 KYX® 2009-2018 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Running Boards (Recommended)

Looking for a matte black 100% bolt-on designed running board for your Ram 1500? If yes, then KYX® 2009-2018 Ram 1500 Crew Cab Running Board are the best pick for your Ram. KYX is one of the top borads you can trust for high-quality running boards. It will not only enhance look of your pickup truck but also the installation is pretty easy.

The exclusive design will give an extraordinary look and convenience to the passengers to step in and step out of the vehicle. Moreover, it is very light on your pocket compared to other running boards in the market. Apart from buying from Amazon, you can get KYX running borads from their own auto parts online retailer, 

Price: $204.99

#2 APS iBoards Running Boards

This is an iPhone inspired running board that consists of a matte finish design. One of the best parts about APS iBoards Running Boards is that it is anti-slip, which means if there are old people or kids trying to board the vehicle, you can be tension-free. However, the downside of this running board is the price as it is very expensive compared to others.

Price: $257

#3 KYX 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Black CrewMax Cab Running Boards

Here’s another KYX brand on the list, which affordable and provides premium quality. KYX 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Black CrewMax Cab Running Boards provides up to 500 lbs stability as it is made out of top-grade steel that ensures extra protection. 

It is also slip-resistance and rust-resistance, which means you don’t have to be worried about it during bad weather conditions. 

Price: $204.99

#4 Heavy Duty: Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit

The thickness of Heavy Duty: Tyger Auto Star Armor Kit running board is two inches that prevents the damage. It comes with 5 years of warranty and the interiors are rust-resistance. The downside of the running board is the weight and price of it. Being heavy (97 pounds) as the name suggests, it is not easy to install while it is also on an expensive side.

Price: $344

#5 Westin Pro Traxx 4 Oval Nerf Step Bars

Here’s the last on our list, Westin Pro Traxx 4 Oval Nerf Step Bars. It is simple yet strong enough. The price is not too affordable, neither too expensive. It is light in weight, which will make it easier to install. Although its is safe to say that there are better options available in the market.

Price: $254

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