Maximum Medical Improvement after Car Accident in Palmdale Lancaster

Have you ever seen a person who has not fully recovered after a car accident? In some cases, the patient remains compromised after an injury even after taking all sorts of medical treatments. Such patients come under the category of maximum medical improvement. You may contact Palmdale Lancaster car accident lawyers to get legal help in such cases. This blog will cover Maximum Medical Improvement after Car accident in Palmdale Lancaster:-


After a severe accident, some victims do not recover entirely despite getting the best medical care. For example:- after a traumatic brain injury, a patient may only recover 80 percent of what he was before the accident. In simple words, you can also say that the patient has recovered to his maximum extent after all the possible treatment.

Determining MMI

The victim’s treating physician usually decides whether the victim has acquired MMI or not. You may also seek consultation from multiple doctors. In some cases, the insurance companies may ask the victim to undergo an Independent Medical Examination. It will ensure that the injuries are permanent and can not be fully recovered.

Elective procedures affecting MMI

Treatment options may vary from case to case. Some victims reject a surgical procedure despite knowing the risks; then, the doctor has the right to say that the patient has reached his MMI.

Demand Letter

Most attorneys suggest that the demand letter should be sent after a victim reaches his MMI. However, you can also send the letter as soon as the diagnosis is made, depending upon your case. An attorney may suggest sending the demand letter before achieving MMI in case of serious injuries. In this scenario, the total value of the claim from the start of the treatment can be recovered.

Settling a claim

It is in the victim’s best interest to claim the settlement after reaching his MMI. It will ensure that the actual value of the past, present, and future medical care will be included in the claim. Correct estimation of the expenses is best done.

Experienced Attorney

An experienced attorney can help you recover the maximum claim amount from the insurance company. A lawyer will ensure to file your claim correctly and represent you in the court of law.


Permanent disability can be challenging to manage after an accident due to someone else’s negligence. It is advisable to claim the compensation at the right time, and an attorney can guide you in case of need.

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