Lumiata AI Platform for Healthcare

Lumiata is a new type of AI platform that uses machine learning to help healthcare organizations manage risk, revenue, and patient experience. The company’s AI platform pulls data from over 120 million patient records, healthcare professionals’ clinical expertise, and proprietary clinical intellectual property to create a holistic view of a patient’s care. The company’s cloud-based platform integrates with existing systems through APIs. Founded in 2013, Lumiata is based in San Mateo, California.

Lumiata, which is headquartered in San Francisco, combines medical science and data science to help healthcare organizations make smarter decisions about their patients. Its proprietary technology enables healthcare organizations to quickly and efficiently analyze large datasets. It also helps organizations develop predictive analytics to improve their patient outcomes. The company’s flagship product, the Lumiata Risk Matrix, combines the expertise of medical professionals with data science to provide a holistic view of a patient’s health.

Lumiata provides AI-powered predictive analytics for managing health care costs. It recently raised $14 million in funding and plans to open an office in Mexico by 2021. Its software enables hospitals and other health care organizations to improve patient care and reduce costs. In 2017, 3.5 million adult hospital stays were potentially preventable and cost nearly $34 billion.

Lumiata provides predictive analytics and machine learning for healthcare, empowering data scientists and business users to increase the accuracy of their data and make better decisions. Its platform integrates structured and unstructured data to build AI-powered models. Using more than 175 million patient records, Lumiata provides predictive insights within hours. It also pairs the resulting insights with a clinical rationale for action.

Lumiata’s AI platform combines data from disparate healthcare datasets and incorporates both supervised learning and deep learning methods to improve accuracy. It can identify patients with high risk of recurrence and predict their outcomes. This helps healthcare providers manage risk and provide more personalized care to their patients. The company’s software is currently available for commercial use and hopes to see multiple health plans adopt it by 2021.


Lumiata’s AI platform is cloud-based and integrates with existing systems. It helps organizations manage the cost of health care by identifying hundreds of millions of dollars of potential risks. It has already raised $14 million in funding and plans to expand to other countries. It plans to open an office in Mexico in 2021.

Lumiata is focused on providers, payers, and healthcare technology companies. It delivers real-time predictive analytics for hospitals, health insurers, and others. The platform provides insights related to symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, and medications. This makes Lumiata an invaluable resource for health-care organizations. With this technology, providers and insurance carriers can optimize their patient care.


The company’s Risk Matrix is its signature product and helps risk-bearing organizations identify and manage risk. It’s built on Lumiata’s proprietary Medical Graph technology, which combines medical science and data science to surface the signal in complex health data. As a result, Lumiata delivers transparent buxic analytics about an individual’s future health.


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