land transfer In Thailand

Land transfer is another important issue in building a house บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน . Unless you choose to build a house by a house building company or a contractor to build a house The transfer of land will be the last matter of the purchase of land. The details of the land transfer are as follows:

The first thing in the transfer of land must be the preparation of various documents. In the transfer of land (of the buyer), the documents for the transfer of land are as follows:

  1. Copy of ID card of purchaser and spouse, if married
  2. Copy of house registration of buyer and spouse, if married
  3. Copy of spouse’s consent, if married
  4. Power of Attorney (If you do not go by yourself, you can authorize to act on your behalf.)
  5. A copy of the ID card of the person acting on behalf


The juristic act must be registered at the land office where the property is located. where buyers and sellers receive queue tickets at the information counter Submit request/waiting for document verification from staff Accounting/seizing/appraisal officers write a tax/duty fee order

Buyers and sellers pay fees/taxes/duties. The buyer pays the mortgage. The officer issues the receipt and prints the purchase contract/editing the registered table of contents. The parties sign the contract Staff sign the seal The buyer receives the land rights letter and the contract, if the mortgage, the purchase documents will be kept by the financial institution.

If buying second-hand land in an allotment project Before transferring the land, documents must be collected. “No arrears for common fees” from the seller as well Otherwise, when the land has been transferred, we will be responsible for this common fee instead.


Every land transfer must have expenses. The expenses will be detailed whether transfer fee land mortgage personal income tax Specific business tax and duty by expanding the details of expenses as follows

– Transfer fee 2% of the purchase price, if the purchase price is lower than the appraised price, the Land Department will use the appraised price instead. This money is paid to the Land Department to change the name of the owner from the seller to the buyer. Who pays in what proportion depends on the terms of the contract to buy and sell.

– Land mortgage fee 1% of the mortgage value, but not more than 200,000 baht, paid by the buyer.

– Personal income tax is a progressive withholding tax rate calculated by subtracting the selling price or appraised value based on the number of years in which the property is held by dividing the remainder by the number of years held to be the average annual income. To calculate the tax by multiplying the tax rate on the ladder and multiplying by the number of years held. Will get the amount of withholding tax. The law requires the seller to pay this tax.

– Specific Business Tax Including local tax 3.3% of the appraised value used for registration and juristic acts The seller pays

– Duty of 0.5%, appraisal price, registration and juristic acts, mostly the seller is the person who pays.

In conclusion, the transfer of land to build the house Documents must be prepared. to be used in the registration of juristic acts at the Land Office But sometimes, when building a house รับสร้างบ้าน in Thailand, some home builder companies have made the transfer of land to customers without the need for customers to go to the land office by themselves, just the customer. Prepare all documents and have a consent letter and sign the power of attorney for the agent or home builder company. That’s it, you don’t have to go to the Land Department by yourself. And another matter that is considered very important is inevitable about the cost. You have to have money ready before doing the transfer of land from the experience of the admin. The land office will have a variety of payment channels such as money transfers. from with cash by the front of the counter There will be counting banknotes. or money counter service in front of the payment service And there is a credit card payment. If you want to pay by credit card, a fee will be charged. By making payments at land offices in Thailand nowadays, it is convenient to meet everyone’s needs. However, if you have any questions, you can contact the land office where the house you built while working in Thailand. It is obvious that land transfer is not very difficult for people who are going to build their dream home in Thailand, you just need to have a lot of understanding and study. So that you don’t have to hassle while building a nice house just the way you want it. Because sometimes building a house may be at the end of your life for you and your loved ones. Unavoidable daily needs.

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