In A Single Vehicle Accident -Who Is At Fault?

When a collision between two cars occurs, it is easy to determine whose negligence caused the accident and who should be receiving compensation from whom. However, multiple-vehicle collisions are not the only accidents that happen. There are many cases where a car gets involved in an accident by hitting an object on the road or flipping over. 

In a single-car accident, it is often assumed that the driver is at fault. However, that is not the case. Some single-car accidents occur due to reasons that are beyond the driver’s control. Iowa car accident lawyers can help you file a claim and get compensation for your damages incurred in a single-car accident. 

When Is The Driver At Fault In A Single Car Accident 

All drivers are required to obey the traffic rules while driving on the road. This includes maintaining speed limits, being aware of their surroundings, following road signs correctly, etc. When a driver gets into an accident because of not following road rules, they are at fault. 

For instance, suppose a driver is driving on the road where a tree has fallen due to a storm. Now, the tree should be visible to anyone who is paying attention to the road. If the driver was looking at their phone and got distracted, resulting in them crashing into the tree, they are liable for the accident. 

When Is The Driver Not At Fault In A Single Car Accident 

A driver would not be at fault if the accident were caused by something beyond their control. These may include the following.

  1. If a car’s design is defective or contains defectively manufactured parts, there are high chances of an accident. In this case, the driver got into the accident because of the car company’s or manufacturer’s negligence; therefore, they are liable.
  2. Poorly maintained roads can cause accidents. A giant pothole or icy roads in winters can cause fatal accidents. In this case, the city, county, or government agency is liable. 
  3. A single-car accident may be caused by another vehicle as well. For example, suppose a cyclist suddenly turns into your lane without seeing your car. You may try to avoid hitting the rider that can cause you to crash another object on the road. 

How To Get Justice In A Single Car Accident 

If you believe you did not cause the accident, try to gather as much evidence as possible. This may include photos of the bad road conditions and CCTV footage of the collision. If a mechanical failure caused the accident, you could file a lawsuit against the car company or manufacturer. 

Getting justice in a single-car accident can be challenging. A car accident attorney can begin an inquiry into your accident and find out the causes that led up to it.

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