How To Stop Or Prevent Condensation In Your Car For A Clear View

A clear windshield gives you a clear view while driving, thus increasing your safety on the road and making you feel comfortable. However, condensation on your car windows may often negatively affect the visibility through your windshield. Condensation in your car occurs when moist air comes into contact with a cold glass surface. The moisture is either from excess humidity outside or the air conditioner inside your vehicle. Each breath you take also contributes to condensation. Either way, this is an annoying problem that you need to fix quickly and with ease.

1. Keep Your Car Windows Clean

Keeping off condensation inside your car is a challenge. One cause of moisture clinging on your windshield is a dirty surface. Water tends to stick to a dirty surface with dirt and debris than a clean windshield. Thus having super clean windows and windshield helps keep your glass surfaces in your car free from moisture.

To clean your car’s windshield, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the windshield clean after cleaning using a low-pressure stream of water and mild soap. You can also use inexpensive detailing wipes or spray cleaners such as the Shine Armor to keep your windows clean and free from moisture and give you a clear, comfortable view as you drive.

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2. Using Air Conditioner and Car’s Heating System During Winter

Condensation occurs when warm air in the car’s interior meets a cold surface like the windshield, causing water droplets to form on the glass. To counter this, set your heating system to the highest setting for a few minutes and then turn it off.

Immediately after turning off the heater, you can turn on the air conditioner to remove moisture in the air as it passes through the air conditioner coils. Then turn off the air recirculation to allow cold, dry air into the car. Finally, you can roll down the windows for a few minutes to allow humid air inside to mix with the dry cold air from outside, and this is how to remove condensation from windowsduring  winter.

3. Using Wipers, Heater, and Air Conditioner To Defog During Summer

During hot weather, humidity and temperature may rise to higher levels than inside your car, causing your car windows to be foggy. In such a case, it’s only practical to raise the temperature and moisture level inside your vehicle to balance the external conditions.

Close the windows and use wipers to clear the condensation outside the windshield. Turn off the air conditioner to increase the temperature and avoid using the car heater to prevent overheating the car’s interior. Also, it’s important to stop air recirculation to ensure that interior humidity levels and temperature balance with the external conditions faster. Once the conditions strike a balance, your windscreen will give you a clear view.

4. Using Glass Anti-Fog Treatments

To help prevent your car from windows fogging up when you turn it on in the cold morning, at night or when coming home from somewhere hot and humid, use glass anti-fog treatments such as Rain-X Glass Anti-fog. To install, spray your interior windows with a Rain-X anti-fog treatmentto make the surface hydrophobic.

The anti-fog repels rainwater and prevents fogging of interior glass surfaces and mirrors.Quick and easy glass anti-fog treatment for cars work year-round to prevent foggy glass and fogged windows inside your vehicle so that you can drive more safely and comfortably. Anti-fog treatmentshelp by increasing visibility under all weather conditions.

5. Avoid Keeping Wet Clothes And Other Items In Your Car

One key component in the accumulation of water droplets on windscreens is due to dampness within the vehicle. Damp clothes, towels, and other similar items can contribute to the formation of water droplets into your vehicle’s cabin, causing condensation on your windscreen. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your car’s interior as dry as possible to keep you’re your windows and windscreen free from moisture.


Condensed water droplets can hurt the vision and make it difficult to drive. Hence, it’s crucial to defog your car’s windows and windshield to increase your visibility, comfort, and safety. You can use the heating system and air conditioner combined with air circulation in your car to defog your car windows and have a safe drive effectively. However, you can use defogging treatments to keep your car windows and windshield moisture-free.

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