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GeneralStore – A CASE Tool Integration Platform

The integration platform GeneralStore is a tool that assists a seamless development process starting with a model and ending with executable code. The software features coupling of subsystems on model level from the above mentioned modeling domains. In addition to object-oriented modeling for software intensive components in embedded systems it supports time-discrete and time-continuous modeling concepts.

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Our approach provides structural and behavioral modeling with front-end tools and simulation/emulation utilizing back-end tools. Using commercial and proprietary automatic code generators prototype software can be brought into operation on standard hardware platforms rapidly. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) metamodel is used for storing CASE data in a Meta Object Facility (MOF) object repository whereas XMI (XML Metadata Interchange format) is used to interchange this data with UML-CASE-tools.You can know this free serp checker

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The CASE-tool chain we present in this paper further supports concurrent engineering including versioning and configuration management. It provides adaptors for the tools MATLAB/Simulink/Stateflow and

ARTiSAN Real-Time Studio [2], as well as an importer/exporter of UML/XMI. Utilizing the UML notation for an overall system design cycle, the focus of this paper lies on the coupling of heterogeneous subsystems and on a new code generation and coupling approach. While several repository based model-management approaches exist ([1][32][34]) and model driven design is subject to related work ([10][20][21][22][23]) to our knowledge GeneralStore is the only existing platform allowing hetrogeneous concurrent engineering with executable models.

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