Finding a dog bite lawyer in Atlanta: Things to know

Nothing is worse than suffering a dog bite because of the owner’s fault. Contrary to what many people assume, dog bites can cause far worse injuries than just scratches. Victims even suffer broken bones after a ferocious dog attack, and the trauma is hard to describe in words. If you are a victim of a dog bite in Atlanta, you need to understand the laws in Georgia and must seek legal help. One of the first steps is to seek medical treatment for your injuries, and before you make a decision, consider consulting an Atlanta dog bite lawyer. Here are some critical aspects to know about finding an attorney.

Start early

In Georgia, you are required to prove that the dog owner knew that their pet is aggressive, has attacked others in the past, or didn’t have the animal on the leash, to win an injury claim. In other words, all dogs are harmless unless it has been proven otherwise, and therefore, it doesn’t matter whether a Golden Retriever or a Chihuahua bit you; the breed is not relevant. You are required to provide evidence, and gathering information would be a lot harder later foodiesfact. If you want to hire a dog bite lawyer, you should do so early.

Meet potential lawyers

The good news is law firms in Atlanta are open to offering consultations for dog bite-related injury claims, and there is no charge for the initial meeting igadgetnow. Make a list of potential attorneys for which you can rely on references or check online. Websites like Nolo and Avvo are handy, while there are also listings on Google that can help sort options. Ensure that you meet the lawyers in person to discuss the case. A skilled and competent dog bite lawyer will ensure that you are aware of your rights, legal options, and ways to protect your interests igadgetnewstoday.

Ask about experience

Personal injury lawyers deal with an extensive range of cases, but not many are versed in claims related to dog bites. When you meet a lawyer, ask them if they have handled similar cases in the past and how they intend to help. Watch out for tall promises or guarantees. While a good lawyer may know the essential things to give you a fair review, they cannot tell you the exact settlement you will receive newspinup.

You don’t need to pay your dog bite lawyer until you have won, which is called a contingency fee.

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