Betting on cricket is not something exotic: this sport is gaining more and more popularity around the world. What can we say about the birthplace of cricket – India, where competitions are held all year round – the country’s championship is played between the eight best teams. This eight also includes the clubs Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad. The match between these teams is scheduled for May 1. You can bet on the match CSK vs SRH on the Parimatch website. But if you are not a fan of cricket and are not well versed in all the intricacies of this sport, then we have prepared a small analytical material, especially for you.

Features of cricket betting

Cricket is a dynamic but very long game. Depending on the variety, one match can last 1-5 days, so often bettors make their predictions for the number of overs and run in a particular inning. You can bet on the total of the entire match. If the match lasts for several days, then bets can be made in each period allotted for the game. There are practically no draws in cricket (such an outcome is possible only in exceptional cases), so cappers have a choice: the victory of the first team or the victory of the second team. You can determine the winner of the CSK vs SRH pair together with Parimatch. In addition, it is possible to predict other match events. For example, to bet on the victory of one of the teams with a handicap, or to predict the number of individual points earned by the players.

What cricket competitions await viewers in 2022?

The global situation with Covid-19 has greatly affected the cricket calendar, but the main tournaments will please the spectators with a spectacle. The Indian Premier League is one of the leading leagues, attracting fans not only from the Hindustan Peninsula but also from other countries around the world. The ipl schedule is already available: the season will start at the end of March and will last for about two months. First, the group stage will take place, and then the playoff round will begin. The ipl 2022 champion will be determined on May 29. You can predict the trophy owner right now on the website of the betting company Parimatch.

Team Comparison CSK vs SRH

Chennai Super Kings is a four-time champion of their country, the holder of several records, in particular in the number of appearances in the playoffs (11) and the final (9). At the moment, the team is the current holder of the Indian Premier League trophy. The achievements of the Sunrisers Hyderabad are much more modest: they only once became champions, it was in 2016, and once again reached the final (2018), but lost in that fight. Therefore, the hosts of the fight from the city of Chennai are considered the favorites of this confrontation.

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