Automotive Gifts For Men

When it comes to gifts, we all love to give things that the other person values and cherishes to the last. People are obsessed with many things. Some with books, coffee, mobile phones, Bikes, shopping and dresses and the list goes on and on. And we can’t stop talking about the obsession the people, especially boys and men, have about Cars.

According to Hagerty, more than 18 million car enthusiasts are in the US. And when it comes to gifting car-obsessed people, there are so many options, but we often get overwhelmed with the options to choose from. And guess what, other than granting a personalised number plate, you can not find any other reasonable option.

      1. Hex Number Plate
      2. 3D Gel Number Plate
      3. 4D Acrylic Number plate

Don’t miss the end. Other than number plates, we have also listed some other gifts that can be perfect for giving your loved ones that they will cherish for their lifetime.

Hex Number Plate:

Hex Number Plate

Hex number plates are also called Lamborgini number plates. We can see these number plates sitting royally in the Lamborghini supercars. They are incredibly classy, and their only appearance is attracted millions of car enthusiasts. Now, if you give a personalised Hex number plate, we are damn sure that the person will cherish it for a lifetime. The Hex number plate always has six sides. Its complete form is the hexagonal number plate.

We often get confused that the person has no Lamborghini, so is it still safe for them to present this hex number plate? But don’t worry, you can ideally give this to your person. There are no rules that they should have Lamborghini supercars use these number plates. Also, there are many times people get scared if the Lambo number plates are legal to use. Well, good news for you. These are safer to use anywhere and everywhere.

3D gel Number Plate:

3D gel Number Plate

3D gel number plates or 3D domed gel number plates have raised texts in the.3D gel resin number plates And this text would get a good gel bath with polyurethane gel resin. The gel gives a shining and sassy effect to the thunderbolt. that is visually appealing to the watchers. Since these provide the best 3-dimensional look, the onlookers and the car owners find these the best option rather than regular traditional number plates.

The fame that these 3D gel number plates get is appreciatively good. Because of their non-fading and non-discolouring quality, these plates are booming its popularity more than the mundane traditional number plate. And giving one personalised 3D gel number plate to your car enthusiast can never be the wrong decision. Regarding a 3D gel number plate, the size can be personalised, but the standard UK size is 520 mm in height and 111 mm in width.

4D Acrylic Number Plate:

4D Acrylic Number Plate

If you want to give your person one of the best and most futuristic automotive gifts, then you can go for this 4D Acrylic Number Plate. “Next gen number plates” is another 4D Acrylic Number plate name. These are configurable to any of the text designs, from laser-cut acrylic. These are what you call newly added styles for mundane traditional texts.

These 4D Acrylic Number Plates are very legal and can be the best gift to your loved ones who are obsessed with cars. Perspex acrylic is made from acrylic acid polymers using a polymerisation reaction; 4d Acrylic Number Plates are legal in all countries as it complies with all the rules and regulations. The car’s plate size is 50 mm wide and 79 mm high, while the bike’s number plates are 44 mm in width and 64 mm in height.

Besides the number plates, you can also give many gifts to a car enthusiast, friend or relative.

        • A miniature car with them sitting inside,
        • A miniature or dummy car model of their favourite cars,
        • A personalised coffee mug with their favourite vehicle adorned,
        • A personalised car printed t-shirt,
        • Their famous miniature car design key chain, etc., can be an excellent gift for your loved ones.

Also, you can surprise your relative with a free car service booking. Their car service definitely can flatter them.


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