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YTHub is a free YouTube to MP3 converter that allows you to download videos from YouTube. The software is very easy to use. It is available for both Windows and Mac users. Using this tool you can convert videos to MP3, MP4, FLV, and 3GP formats. You can also extract audio tracks from your video. YTHub is an effective online tool that is used by millions of people around the world.

YTHub is one of the most popular Youtube to MP3 converters. Users can easily search for videos through its built-in search engine. They can choose the desired quality of the output and the file size. Moreover, it supports international tracking.

If you prefer to search through the URL of a video, YTHub has a feature called “Direct Search.” To use this feature, you can simply copy the URL and paste it into the box. Once the page opens, you can search for your favorite video. This is particularly convenient if you want to listen to the song without using the internet.

Another feature is the free Video/Audio Cutter. You can enter a YouTube URL and the converter will find the perfect quality. In addition, you can choose the format and time frame for the output. When it is done, you will be able to save the song to your computer or portable device.

Another important factor to consider is the security of the program. YTHub is a very safe tool. Although it is considered a free tool, it doesn’t have any malicious features. However, you should still keep an eye out for adware and other malware that may pop up on your screen. Some of these programs can be disguised in a seemingly legitimate program. These viruses can inject their own malware into your system, so it is best to install antivirus software on your computer.

Another way to protect your PC from adware is to not click on any of the ads that pop up on the site. These ads can be disguised as a legitimate bundled program or as an ad on a strange website. Often, these ads are loaded with intense blinking lights and banners. Depending on your settings, they can cause your browser to crash.

Finally, make sure that you are downloading material that is legal. Ensure that you are not infringing on any copyrighted material and if you are downloading a playlist, you must be aware of the rules of the site. YTHub has a limit on how many videos you can download per day. For example, you can download five videos. There is a charge for using premium services.

YTHub’s main purpose is to provide you with a simple and quick method to convert your videos to MP3. You can also choose the video file format you want. Besides, YTHub has the option to cut your audio and video files.


Aside from these, there are other options that you can take advantage of when using YTHub. For instance, you can search for the videos you want to download using their direct search option. Also, you can browse through their list of music and other videos.

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