Adventure Bike Recommendations for Smaller Riders

Getting a preferred adventure bike can be a frustrating experience, especially for an average height or shorter riders. This is because they are specially built motorcycles with long-travel suspensions.

If you’ve had trouble getting a well-suited bike for yourself, don’t feel dejected, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ve helped you put together a list of 5 special adventure bike selections that are right for you.

1. BMW F750GS

The BMW GS model will be worth your try. This type of BMW accessories is a perfect fit for you if you want a comfy bike that goes well with your height.

The specs of this series of GS are:

  • A 4-stroke inline twin engine
  • 57KW Power output
  • A 6-speed gearbox
  • An adjustable lower-kit seat height of 815mm
  • Displacement of 853cc
  • A weight estimated to be approximately 224kg
  • Dual disc front brake and single-disc rear brake

2. Benelli TRK 502

This Benelli sports bike has various features and versatility. It’s built to withstand extremely rugged and cross-country adventures. Its suspensions are those suited for your convenience with a great braking system.

 Here are the specs of TRK 502:

  • A preload and adjustable rear mono-shock
  • A seat height of 31.4”
  • A front brake of 320mm disk and dual-piston calipers
  • Rear brake with 260mm diameter discs
  • 500cc twin engine with 2 cylinders and each having 4 valves
  • A power output of 47.5hp at 8500 rpm
  • Maximum torque of 46Nm at 4500 rpm

3. Honda X-ADV

This is a two-wheeled adventure bike that offers a great riding experience. It is built like a traditional scooter but with a larger capacity. It’s great for the typical urban experience.

These are the specs and reviews:

  • 6-speed dual-clutch transmission
  • A parallel-twin engine and a 745cc displacement
  • Seat height of 820mm
  • Maximum power output of 58hp at 6750 rpm
  • Torque of 51 ft-Ibs at 4750 rpmLatest Website ourtime and wink More website marburn

4. Triumph Tiger 900 GT Low

This also is an adjustable lower seat GT series. With a great ground clearance of 7.8”, you can ride your GT on the most rugged paths.


  • Weight is 400 Ibs
  • A standard seat height of 29.9”
  • 900cc engine with 3 cylinders
  • Maximum torque of 87Nm at 7,250 rpm
  • Power output of 70KW at 8,750 rpm
  • Top speed of 196km/h

5. Kawasaki Versys-X 300

This is a popular adventure bike for city, travels, and rough path rides. It’s also manufactured with the prioritized needs of a rider and passenger. Here are the specs for this Kawasaki model:

  • Seat height of 32.0”
  • Power of 29.3KW at 11,500rpm
  • Maximum Torque is 25.7Nm at 10,000 rpm
  • Weight is 175kg
  • Rear suspension mono-shock
  • 6-speed, twin parallel engine.Visit The website bettwoo and myfeedster More Information telegram


As you can see, it isn’t hard to get the right bike for you after all. Other important things you need to consider in your purchase aside from height include; weight, engine type, ease of control, ground clearance, etc.

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