A Guide To Moving Floor Trailers

Moving floor trailers are becoming increasingly popular with those that have bulk materials or numerous palletised goods to move.

This is because they make the process simpler and easier, along with a whole host of other benefits.

If you’ve got a huge haul that needs moving, you might be considering this option for yourself, and the good news is these are becoming much easier to rent or even buy should you need to.

But what exactly is a moving floor trailer, and how can it be used in your business?

Well, we’re going to explain this in the guide below, as well as look at some of the key benefits of using this type of trailer.

Read on to find out more.

What is a moving floor trailer?

We understand trailers as a helpful way to move large amounts of goods, but what is a moving floor trailer?

Unlike traditional trailers, these contain a hydraulically-driven conveyance system that makes loading and unloading huge amounts of products or materials much easier.

The system is made up of moving slats, which makes them ideal for loading pallets or packaged goods, as well as loose materials.

How does it work?

Let’s now dig a little deeper into the nitty gritty of these mechanisms.

Although these systems may differ depending on the type of trailer you have, they tend to follow a very similar structure.

As we’ve said, the floor is made up of slats, which are part of a hydraulic system. These slats can either move in unison or they can alternate one after the other.

This technique makes it easy to load goods onto the trailer without having to constantly get in and out, walk to the back, or pass things down the length of the trailer. It is also a great way to shift loose materials like aggregates or waste, as it does not require these to be manually loaded inside and then later removed.

Essentially, as the slats are operated, the goods that are resting on them will move in the desired direction, either into the back of the trailer or outwards towards the door. This removes the need for a forklift and lots of manual labour.

What are these trailers used for?

As the moving floor mechanism makes it so much quicker and simpler to load and unload bulk goods, there are lots of different businesses that can benefit from these vehicles. Firstly, there are those that sell packaged products, often by the pallet.

These goods could be food, drink, furniture or any other items sold in bulk. This makes it an ideal solution for retailers. For example, if you own a brewery and you need large quantities of barrels to shipped to pubs around the country.

Then you have the agricultural and construction side of things. As you can fit vast amounts of loose material in these trailers, they are great for transporting aggregate, asphalt and soil, as well as pallets of slabs or other building materials for that matter.

These systems can also be used for waste management as they can hold a huge amount of unwanted loose waste or unused materials. These can then be taken to the proper location to be disposed of.

The benefits of using a moving trailer

There are a number of benefits to using these vehicles over a traditional trailer or haulage lorry. As we’ve mentioned, they make it so much easier to load and unload vast quantities of goods, whether packaged or loose. But that’s not all they’re good for. Some of the other key benefits include:


Moving trailers can be safer for all those involved in the process. As the moving slats do most of the hard work, this eliminates the need for workers to keep climbing in and out of a large trailer with potentially heavy items. This reduces the risk of an accident.

It also makes it safer to load and unload goods in more treacherous conditions, such as windy or wet weather. Finally, as you remove the need to tip the vehicle (unlike a traditional tipper), you remove the risk of hitting power lines, trees or other obstacles.


There are multiple ways these vehicles can save your business money. Because they are quicker to load and unload, this requires less time and resources, saving you money on delivery and labour costs.

Not only this, but as shipping becomes increasingly expensive, you can cut down on the number of journeys required by using these huge trailers. So although it might cost money to buy or rent in the first instance, this will save you money on shipping costs in the long run.

Uneven ground

One of the huge benefits of these trailers is that they can be loaded and unloaded on uneven ground. This makes them ideal for use on uneven or rocky terrain like construction sites.

Hey, they can even be used in tunnels or under bridges, as there is no need to tip them.


Lastly, there are lots of different types of moving floor trailers. This means that there is something to suit every project, product or needs you may have, no matter its shape, size or weight.

This flexibility makes these trailers better for handling heavier and more awkward items, as well as vast amounts of loose materials at any one time.

Why choose moving trailers?

The list of benefits above should give you a good indication as to why so many businesses are choosing moving trailers. However, in case you’re not completely sold on these systems, here is why you should consider them for your business.

As well as being easier and safer to use, these trailers are the next logical replacement for vehicles like tippers. They will help you to streamline your production, lower networthexposed costs, and they are very versatile.

Essentially, if you want to make your business sdasrinagar functions more efficient whilst staying competitive, you have to move with the ever-changing times and technologies. Moving floor trailers are the perfect way to do just that.

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