6 Trends Sports Marketing Agencies Should Follow in 2022

The past year has led to many changes in the sports marketing industry altogether. Most of them have led to the production of fresh opportunities and new channels for brands and marketing agencies to explore and leverage.

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Moreover, there’s a new generation of fans to target, and they have their unique interests and voices. For example, this segment of the target audience is predominantly dependent on social media, which is why brands need to consider digital marketing strategies in order to increase their sales and consumer base.

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Therefore, before any brand or business steps into the world of sports marketing, they should be aware of the current trends if they want to use revenue opportunities. This article will highlight the main trends of 2022 that sports marketing companies should follow to attract the younger audience, build their consumer loyalty, and increase their sales.

1. Women in Sports

An opportunity that sports marketers and agencies must explore is women in sports. The current trends show that sports with greater integration of female players are more progressive, inspiring, and interesting. This means that more people will be watching women in sports.

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Therefore, brands should consider partnering with female athletes and teams as it will allow them to attract female consumers. It will also portray the brand as being more progressive and supportive of equality for men and women.

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2. Immersive Experiences through AR and VR

As technology becomes more advanced this year, brands should also consider creating immersive experiences for global audiences. These should be done at sporting events, which will help increase brand awareness on a national and local level and an international level.

With the integration of AR and VR, fans can have unique experiences that will lead to greater revenue for businesses.

3. Cause Marketing

There has been a move towards big athletes and famous sporting teams using their platforms to raise awareness around social issues. These include opening up about mental health issues or advocating for greater integration of women in sports.

When brands support athletes or send across such messages, they also get recognized by a wider range of audiences who would be more likely to purchase your product or service. It can also be a great avenue through which brand loyalty is enhanced. It is important that such narratives resonate with the fans to be effective.

4. The Rise of eSports

eSports has been all the rage in recent years as not only the sports itself has been rising in popularity, but so has the betting opportunities and fans. It is likely to only increase in size and popularity in the years to come.

Marketing agencies should create strategies to advertise their brands in the world of eSports since that can lead to a myriad of revenue opportunities.

5. Engagement through Social Media

Sports marketing companies should already use social media to enhance their brand awareness and engagement with the target audience. However, this year, it is believed that social media will be a dominant trend as the new generation of fans is technologically driven. And considering how big athletes have millions of followers on such channels, it is a great opportunity to tap into.

Now more than ever, marketers should create engaging activities on social media to increase brand awareness and loyalty. For example, live sessions with athletes and teams, Q/A sessions, and behind-the-scenes snippets. Brands usually sponsor activities that bring fans closer to their favorite athletes and teams.

This way, brands can even cultivate communities of their consumers and fans to enhance engagement, awareness, and loyalty.

6. Collaboration with Athletes

More and more marketers are using brands to collaborate with athletes and sports influencers to reach a wider range of audiences that they otherwise could not have reached. Influencers and athletes normally have tons of loyal followers, which is why collaborating with them is an excellent, effective, and inexpensive strategy to get the word out about a brand and what it is offering.

The Bottom Line

The year 2022 is all about connecting with the new generation of fans. And the best way to do this is through leveraging social media and the latest trends in digital technology. Moreover, simple advertisements are no longer effective marketing strategies. Marketers and sports marketing companies must go one step further and create experiences and use their brands to voice concerns about global issues.

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