3 Best Things About Living in Calgary

Ask anyone that lives in Calgary about the best things their city has to offer and the biggest issue they are going to have is narrowing it down to only the top three. While putting so many good things about the city together to only narrow it down to three might seem like a herculean task for the locals, that’s what we’ll be doing here.

The most important thing to remember is that anywhere in Alberta, especially Calgary, will make for a great place to live as well as raise a family. With that in mind, here’s what we’ll have to say are the three best things about living in a city as wonderful as Calgary.

How Clean It Is

For those of us who have had the pleasure of traveling, we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve finally landed in a city, which we’ve dreamt of for years, only to find out it’s not exactly as clean as the pictures and movies set there have made it seem. In Calgary, there’s the promise it’s going to look as clean as you imagine. 

Multiple times Calgary has won awards for being the world’s cleanest city. One might not think much of that at first, but if you’ve spent some time here in Calgary and then traveled elsewhere, you’ll be quick to see most other places aren’t quite as spotless as you are accustomed to. 

The Cost Of Things

Talking about costs (in any context) usually strikes fear into those listening as they are quickly worried about what’s going to come next. Looking at Calgary, the conversation looks a little different than usual. Keeping it in the scope of just cities, when looking at Calgary Homes For Sale, anyone would be surprised to see just how much home they are getting for their hard earned dollar. 

Compared to other major Canadian cities, those looking to purchase a home will be much better off than they would be in the likes of Toronto or Vancouver. Combine the lower (on average) cost of a home and the fact that there’s no provincial sales taxes means that one of the best things about living in Calgary is how much money of yours you’ll be able to keep simply by choosing to live in this amazing city.

The Outdoors

Even those that live in the greatest city on earth are going to need to get out in nature every once in a while. Thankfully, the residents of Calgary don’t have to travel far to get a world class experience. Given the city’s proximity to the Rockies, amazing skiing is never far away. If you prefer to wait until spring or summer to get your outside fix, the wilderness outside of Calgary has you covered there as well.

Look anywhere you might find skiing and great hiking and mountain biking is never going to be far behind. There’s also acres upon acres of parks for those looking to run or cycle on pathways throughout the city. All these options and more make for a great life in Calgary, however you like to get your exercise in.

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