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3 Amazing Mesh Routers for You and Your Family

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  1. Why Do You Need Mesh Routers?
  2. Best Mesh Routers
  3. Wrapping It Up

Tired of having no signal in your room or workstation at home? Don’t try upgrading your itinerant plan because speed is not the issue here. Instead, invest in one of the best mesh routers to cover your whole house with strong internet signals.

Why Do You Need Mesh Routers ?

Consider mesh routers your best decision if you want to cover all corners of your large house with internet signals. There are many “dead zones” in our houses where the internet signals do not reach because the basic routers do not have that kind of reach. However, with mesh technology routers, you can get strong internet signals even in rooms that are far from the router.

Mesh technology works by creating multiple virtual access nodes rather than using a centralized access point that is in one restrictive place. The virtual nodes are used to create network links amongst devices. Consequently, the virtual nature of the network links allows the signals to travel much further than the original location of the router. Mesh routers are not designed to increase your internet speed, as that is a concern you might want to take up to the ISP.

If you live in a large-sized house, have multiple rooms and several users, then you need mesh routers to fill in the gaps left behind basic Wi-Fi routers.

Best Mesh Routers

  1. ASUS ZenWiFi AX6600 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 6 System (XT8 2PK)

Even though the ASUS ZenWifi WiFi 6 mesh router is equipped with some advanced tech features, it is not difficult to set it up on your own at all. The router comes with a mobile app that makes the setup a breeze. Additionally, the router has advanced MU-MIMO technology and strategically placed internal antennas that allow even distribution of internet signals. You will also get lifetime protection with the free network security suite by Trend Micro. This makes the router ideal for you and your family as it can protect your devices from hackers, spyware, and viruses. The last but most important thing about this mesh router is that it does not require you to replace your older model of the router and is compatible with all old ASUS models.

  1. Amazon eero Pro 6

The Amazon Eero Pro 6 is one of the most popular mesh routers in the market. It has powerful tri-band Wi-Fi technology that provides 3 simultaneous streams to prevent traffic from clogging on the network. The router is capable of covering up to 6000 square feet, so it’s an incredible choice for small offices or large homes. The router is also compatible with Amazon Alexa voice control. Resultantly, you can use the voice assistant to control all the other devices that are connected to the router. You can buy this router to complete your home network, or can also opt for a rented Eero router from your ISP. Out of the many ISPs that partner with and provide Eero routers, Wave internet is a good option. You can opt for an additional Amazon Eero mesh router to cover any dead zones in your home. This will also allow you to use the Eero mobile app, use parental controls, guest network, and many more such features.

  1. NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Tri-band Mesh WiFi 6 System (RBK852)

If you are subscribed to a gigabit internet plan from any ISP, you need a compatible mesh router that can deliver such high speeds. The Netgear Orbi whole-home mesh Wi-Fi 6 system is an excellent choice. It has many useful features, such as versatile compatibility with various types of the internet like satellite, DSL, and fiber. It also comes with an Orbi mobile app that you can use to further control the router and make the most out of it. If you are concerned about your internet security in this fast-paced technological world, this router could be the best one for you. It gives you a free trial period for 30 days with the Netgear Armor security suite. If you feel like the security suite is worth it, you can subscribe to a paid subscription after the free trial!

Final Recommendation

Out of the three amazing mesh routers that are available, the Amazon Eero is the best one. It is suitable for various internet speeds, and is also compatible with all major providers. Most importantly, the Amazon Eero can be easily obtained through your ISP, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of buying it, setting it up, and managing its technical aspects. Wave Internet makes it extremely easy to get the Eero mesh router for your whole home network. Just call Wave customer service to find the most suitable internet plan in your area, and top it off with a powerful Amazon Eero device.


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