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10 tips to clean your car like new

Regularly washing your car helps keep your body in good condition. By washing it by hand, you will also be more likely to notice scratches, discolorations, or signs of wear. Just like cleaning a house, washing your car requires specific tools and products. We therefore offer you a comprehensive and easy cleaning guide to give your car a boost.

The useful tips for cleaning the interior of your own car

Good Rengøring af bil indvendig starts with choosing the right place. Therefore, choose a rather shady place away from direct sunlight. Indeed, this allows your car not to dry out too quickly without you having time to clean everything.

1st step: How to clean the fabrics of your car?

When you are properly installed, immediately remember to remove all floor mats, rugs and fabrics present in your vehicle. They will then have to be aspirated.

If carpets are stained, special cleaners will come in handy. For an effective, economical and natural solution, use a mixture of 2/3 sparkling water and 1/3 vinegar (this mixture is also used for many other stages of your cleaning).

Remember not to wet the fabrics too much, which could cause mold. Finally, you can move on to the (very important) drying of the carpets. Allow surfaces to air dry (doors open). This step is essential so that the interior of your vehicle looks like new and smells good.

2nd step: How to clean the leather of your car?

For leather or vinyl seats, apply a suitable product and then clean with a microfiber cloth. Also, remember to apply special leather grease to nourish it.

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3rd step: compressed air as the best ally for cleaning all hard-to-reach surfaces

For a fresh and perfectly cleaned interior, it is important to clean all the hard-to-reach corners. This concerns the window buttons, the dashboard, the ventilation grilles, or even the empty pockets. To clean these dust nests, use compressed air (such as a blower) and fine brushes such as a toothbrush for example. 

4th step: window cleaning

A mixture of white vinegar and hot water with a sponge can be quite enough to make them shine. A micro fiber cloth is very effective in leaving no trace. You can finish with newspaper. For your windshield wipers, the same hot water / vinegar mixture is perfect.

Be careful if your frames are made of aluminum, forget about white vinegar! You may have marks.

5 tips for cleaning the exterior of your perfect vehicle!

5th step: Make your body shine 

  • First of all, check that all doors and windows are properly closed.
  • Fill two buckets: in the first, mix water, soap and baking soda. In the second, simply fill with clean water.
  • Start with the roof and wash from top to bottom.
  • Our advice: put a sponge in pantyhose and soak it in the mixture then clean your entire bodywork. It is important that the soap does not dry out, to avoid streaks.

Finally, rinse the entire vehicle one last time with clean water. Use a hose if you have one. Then dry your car with a clean towel.

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6th step: The cover and the mechanical parts

This step may seem long and tedious, but it is actually not that complicated. You just need to take all the electrical cables, and then tie them directly under the hood. Then apply a degreaser, and then use a high pressure cleaner for vinyl, apply a rubber protector.

When to do this cleaning before winter, especially for vehicles sleeping outside, this helps to nourish and protect the rubber elements against the cold also as summer approaches to avoid hardening.

7th step:  How to remove bad smells in the car?

For a good smell in your car, hang a clay pebble from the mirror on which you will put a few drops of essential oil.

8th step: Wash the lowest part of your car and the wheels last.

These will normally be the dirtiest parts of your car. Regarding the tires, you can wash them easily with Marseille soap, a brush and clear water.  This action to be carried out keeps a tire black and shiny. There are shine renovators that “blacken” the rubber without damaging the tire.

  • Be careful though when you start cleaning your tires yourself, there are things to avoid:
  • Make sure to place the high pressure jet at least 20 cm from the eraser.
  • Never use oil, grease or solvents on the rubber, they could damage the gum.

This technique only improves the exterior appearance of your tires. If they are in an advanced state of wear, you will need to change them for safety and road grip reasons. Find the article advising you on the tires to choose between the 4 seasons, winter tires and summer tires.

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Step 9: How to effectively clean your rims?

For your rims there is a very simple and very effective trick: moisten a cloth with a little water, white vinegar and rub.  In this case, we advise you to use a suitable product which is not corrosive.

Last step: A perfect finish for an impeccable cleaning of your vehicle!

Finish with an anti-reflective Rengøring af bil product that you must apply to the windows with a soft, clean cloth. Also, the protective wax for your bodywork will facilitate the next wash and will protect it. Visit The Site: hdnewspagal

These few tips will help you keep your body as new. Regular and good quality maintenance will allow your vehicle to pass the years in the best conditions. And above all, a perfect cleaning is an undeniable asset to conclude the sale of your vehicle!

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