What are the Major Causes of Burn Injury Claims in Miami, Florida?

Burn injuries are one of the most common injuries in Miami, Fl. A burn injury is an injury that occurs when a person’s body or clothing comes into contact with something that burns, such as boiling water, hot grease, or electricity. Burns cause extreme pain and can induce severe scarring and physical limitations for patients.

A burn injury is extremely difficult to recover from. It takes usually about one month for the skin to return to normal after a third-degree burn and two years for full recovery from a second-degree burn. Burn injuries are very expensive to deal with, and they often require long hospital stays and extensive treatments while recovery goes on over time. So, you better consult DDRB Lawyers to get some extra help for filing a personal injury claim to receive compensation for your injuries.

Here are some major causes of burn injuries in Miami, Florida.

  • Direct contact with an open flame

Direct contact with a flame can cause third-degree burns, second-degree burns, and even first-degree burns. This is usually caused when a person comes into contact with dangerous materials, such as gasoline.

  • Scalding by hot liquid, usually involving spills

Scalding injuries are very painful and may occur when a person comes into contact with hot liquids that are spilled near the victim. These can include hot fat, oil, or butter. A person may also become scalded by water if it is too hot to handle or if it comes in contact with the skin of a burning victim.

  • Contact with hot objects (thermal burns)

Contact with hot objects, such as hot irons, can cause thermal burns. These kinds of burns will occur if a person grabs a hot object or puts an object on their skin that is too hot.

  • Electricity

Electricity is another major cause of burn injuries. These can occur when electricity comes in contact with the human body or clothing. Burns involving electricity are very painful and take time to heal.

  • Contact with dangerous and corrosive chemicals

Burn injuries caused by contact with dangerous chemicals may occur if a person comes into contact with chemicals such as acids, bleach, and other harmful substances. The results of contact with these materials can vary from first-degree burns to severe skin infections.

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