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Gone are the days when gaming used to be an expensive hobby. Now, you can get in gear with racing games and take with you the fame that comes with the checkered flag for free! To top it off, you can experience this rush on the go from your mobile or tablet.

You don’t have to play alone, either, as you can add multiple players in some free racing games for that fun social aspect. And yes, I know there are a lot of duds out there. If you don’t do your homework well, you might not enjoy the enthralling experience that racing games have to offer.

Top-Rated Free Racing Games

From futuristic machines to the 1960’s hill-climbing, there are plenty of exciting games you can find online for free. Here are some of the best racing titles to play for free.

1. Need For Speed: Most Wanted (NFS)

If running from the police and competing in street races is what you’re looking for in a racing game, NFS would be perfect for you. It may be a bit old, but it still holds its value for that fast-paced racing, offering a high-end car selection to fight off cops and other players. You also get to hit jumps, take shortcuts, switch cars, and even go for the terrains that suit your vehicle’s strengths.

2. TrackMania: Nations Forever

From insane stunt courses to mind-blowing speeds, TrackMania: Nations Forever is among the most popular racing games for solo and multiplayer modes. Here, you get to create your tracks and even own a paint shop to customize your vehicle. That’s not all, though. The game’s “Forever” version of the Stadium environment features 65 progressively challenging tracks to add to the fun.

3. Victory: The Age Of Racing

An arcade classic, Victory: The Age Of Racing, takes you back in time with a range of race cars throughout the decades. The game allows you to be an insane driver by pushing your car beyond the limits, a designer by making unique cars, or even a skilled mechanic by fixing your vehicle for maximum strength. The choice is yours! Its interactive aspect also comes from hosting thrilling multiplayer events, competitions, and even a team career.

4. Racer

Racer might not have the most eye-catching design, but looks aren’t everything! With thousands of cars and tracks to download and customize, this game is perfect for gamers who enjoy tweaking their games. You can even create your scenes using the tools available on their site. The gaming content gets updated regularly, too, so you never run out of new things to try out.

5. Stunt Rally

Those looking to entertain themselves with silly trick racing will love Stunt Rally. With simple cartoonish graphics, the game has numerous tracks in odd shapes, making it all the more fun and hard to master. Also, you get a track editor to customize your unique races. The old-school game lets players participate in single races, challenges, and, yes, multiplayer championships.

Racing-Themed Free Online Slots

Loaded with fun sound effects, exciting features, and bonuses, these free online slots will offer you a fantastic gaming experience.  

1. Dream Run

Powered by RTG, Dream Run comes with two wilds, labeled as ‘opponent’ and ‘racer.’ You also get numerous free spins—those you don’t have to use your play money—and scatters to boost your gameplay.

2. Racing For Pinks

A gem from Microgaming, Racing For Pinks is a car-themed slot with 243 paylines and five reels. You can have up to 5x winning multipliers here, and if you play your cards right, up to 30 free spins.

3. Jackpot GT – Race To Vegas

Jackpot GT – Race To Vegas is among the more unique Playtech slots with five reels and 243 pay-ways. Apart from the standard low-value card symbols, you also get the speedo icon as a Wild and car wheels for free spins bonus scatters.

You Don’t Have To Spend To Enjoy Racing Games!

There is no rush like that of a good racing game. Once you take hold of the wheel and step on the gas, nothing will stop you. If you like to compete, you can always join other players online and race for the number one spot or earn cash when playing online racing slots. 

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