Common Reasons Why People Disinherit Their Child 

Disinheriting someone from your will means excluding them from getting a part of your estate after you pass away. Most people include their immediate family members in their will, including their children. However, some people disinherit their own children for various reasons. 

If you do not want to give away your property and assets to your children or one of your children, you may have a strong reason to do so. A will planning attorney san antonio will be able to help you throughout the process. 

Common reasons why people disinherit their child 

  • Estrangement. 

In most cases, parents and children are considered heirs to your estate. However, if you have become estranged from your child, you may no longer want to include them in your will. If you are not in contact with them or have a bad past that has ruined your relationship, you may exclude them from your will. 

  • Dependent parent. 

Taking care of a parent and handling one’s own career and family is a lot of work. Taking care of a parent requires time, energy, and dedication. It includes driving them to the doctors, making and remembering appointments, taking them to anywhere they want to go, etc. It also includes providing them with daily meals and emotional care. If only one child is taking care of all these things, the parents may wish to disinherit the other children. 

  • Conflict over lifestyle choices. 

Sadly, it is very common for parents in San Antonio to disinherit their children only because they disagree with their lifestyle choices. This may include a wide range of things, including marrying someone they did not approve of, a different career choice than the parents wanted, etc. Sometimes the reason is big enough, but often it is insignificant. 

  • Lack of need or increased need. 

When a parent feels that their child is financially stable enough and does not need financial resources, they won’t include them in their will. Instead, they will give the property to another child who may not be doing that well financially. For example, if one child is making seven figures a month while the other is struggling to meet their basic needs, it is common for the parents to give a large portion of their assets to the latter. 

  • Inheritance was distributed throughout the lifetime. 

Another reason why parents may disinherit their children is that they have received extra care and support throughout their lifetime. For example, if the child has received an extra allowance, rent, or special care throughout the parents’ lifetime, then it is only fair to award assets to the other children. 

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