5 Tips For E-Bike Registration In Montana

E-bikes have increased in popularity in recent years in Montana, and more and more people are realizing that they are more than just toys, but also functional tools that can help and extend the world of almost everyone. Some individuals are still learning about the benefits of having their E-bike street legal, which requires asking seemingly basic, but legitimate questions, such as “do you need a license for an electric bike?”. Or “how is e-bike registration different from getting a dirt bike street legal?”.

But first, what exactly is an electric bike? Electric bicycles are defined by Montana state as a bicycle with two working pedals and a motor attached. The power source may not propel the item at more than 20 mph on a level surface without assistance. The motor should not need to be clutched or shifted.

What Are The Montana Laws Regarding E-Bikes?

To ride your electronic bike in Montana, you do not need to register it or have a license, unlike the case with Montana vehicle registration. However, if you are determined to start riding one to become a green commuter, you should first learn about the laws and regulations governing e-bike riding. Keep reading to explore them.

  • Is there an age limit for riding an electric bike in Montana?

The operation of an e-bike in Montana is not restricted by age, as in the case of off-road street-legal vehicles.

  • What are the helmet laws in Montana?

In Montana, anyone under the age of 18 who rides a motorbike or quadricycle must wear a helmet. While there are no rules requiring bikers to wear helmets when riding, it is strongly advised that you do so anytime you ride. Helmets not only protect your head and, more crucially, your brain in the event of a crash, but some Montana cities have established rules requiring people to wear helmets when riding e-bikes. Bicycle helmets may be inconvenient and unattractive, but they are more preferable to suffering a lifelong brain injury.

  • What are the rules of road riding in Montana?

Electric bicycles are permitted to be used on streets and bicycle lanes, including those in state parks. E-bikes have the right of way on all Montana crosswalks and sidewalks, provided that they do not obstruct pedestrians. Bicyclists must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians at crosswalks and on sidewalks. If they intend to pass a pedestrian, they need to do so on the left and make an audible signal beforehand. While riding on a sidewalk or through a crosswalk, a bicyclist is deemed a pedestrian under Montana law.

  • Laws governing right-of-way

An e-bike, like any other vehicle or dirt bike street legal driving on a Montana road, street, or highway, has the right-of-way while in operation. Bicyclists are urged to ride on the far right side of the road, but they are legally permitted to move between the lanes. Drivers are permitted to pass a bicyclist like they would a slow-moving automobile or truck because of the lower speeds of bicycle travel. They can even cross the double lines if they are passing a bicycle and the adjacent lane is totally clear of incoming traffic. The only requirement is that the bicycle moves at no more than 20 mph.

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