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Raggjatt is an online Punjabi music website that features hundreds of Punjabi singles, albums and remixes. It is updated frequently with new songs, so you can be sure to always get the latest Punjabi songs on the web. The website also provides RSS feeds for both Hindi and Punjabi, so you can stay on top of the latest trends in the Indian music industry.

Apart from the standard Punjabi song download, the site also offers videos. Users can choose from a selection of high quality Bollywood and Punjabi tracks. You can watch songs from different artists and singers, and then download them for free. There are also several sub-sections on the website. For instance, you can browse through popular Punjabi songs, listen to the latest tracks, or just check out the hottest artists.

Another great feature of the Raggjatt site is its playlist. It has a collection of the top 20 songs from the last decade. Not only can you download these songs for free, you can even subscribe to the RSS feeds to receive notifications when a new song is added to the list. Also, you can add your own songs to the playlist.

The website has a wealth of other features as well. They have a large database of music, a variety of lyrics in Hindi and English, and a video section. All of the above makes Raggjatt a must-visit destination for fans of Punjabi music.

Raggjatt is a very convenient place to find free mp3 downloads. It also has a huge video database and is updated with new songs, singles, and albums. In addition, the website allows users to set up an account and subscribe to their own RSS feeds in Hindi and Punjabi. This means you can easily keep track of your favorite Punjabi songs without having to keep an eye on the website every day.

Raggjatt is one of the biggest Punjabi music sites on the web. With its vast database, free music, and innovative features, it has become a staple in the world of online music. And with the site’s free streaming, you can easily catch up with the latest Punjabi songs from the comfort of your own home.

Although the site is a bit of a pain to navigate, it has a lot of great features. The site is updated frequently, and its playlist and other features give it a strong hold on the regional music market. As such, it’s a very attractive option for fans of Punjabi and Hindi music.


Overall, Raggjatt is a very impressive website for fans of Punjabi and Hindi music. The site is constantly updated, offers a variety of features, and is a good source of free mp3 downloads. But, unfortunately, it has been banned by Google. Fortunately, there are other sites like RaagJatt Punjabi Songs and Mp3Mad that are a bit easier to navigate and more entertaining. So, if you are looking for a new Punjabi or Hindi music website, you should definitely consider these options.

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