Yamaha Mt 15 – Ride Like a Champion on this amazing Motorcycle

The Yamaha Mt 15 is one of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer’s most popular models in India. The Yamaha name in itself is the symbol of power, design and reliability, the Yamaha MT-15 V2 is interesting from the moment you see it. That’s why you are sure to Ride Like a Champion on this amazing Motorcycle.

Since the MT-15’s introduction in 2019, Yamaha has experienced the MT-15’s biggest sales ever in India. In just a month of April, the firm sold 9,228 streetfighters in the nation.

Attractive and Eye-catching design

With the international debuts of the twin-cylinder MT-07 and MT-09 triple in 2014, Yamaha’s Dark Side of Japan campaign got underway and signaled a change in the Japanese company’s design language across their aging streetfighter line-up. While Yamaha’s new MT series boasted cutting-edge, futuristic designs and crisp lines, it was quite evident that the company was fighting the naked category with increased zeal. Their naked FZ-badged bikes had been around for a while and were starting to look a little dated.

The striking Yamaha MT 15 bike adheres to the same daring design principles as the whole MT line, with its small, angular tank, transformer-like visage, and sinister demeanor. Yamaha MT 15 features are amazing and include dummy air scoops descend to fashionable radiator shrouds on either side of the motorcycle, holding the visual bulk towards the front, while the short tail section ends in a sleek LED tail lamp. The single projector-style LED headlamp sits below the slant-eyed LED daytime lights, which give this bike an unmistakable appearance. The rider is in a commanding riding position over the bike, as befits an aggressive roadster, thanks to the supportive seat, loose footpeg position, and broad handlebar.

Powerful from the inside with Exceptional engine performance

The MT-15, when stripped of its fairing and supersport riding posture, is essentially an R15 V3.0. The 155-cc, mildly, liquid-cooled motor in both bikes uses the same Deltabox chassis and is tuned to produce 14.7 Nm of torque at 8,500 rpm and 19.3 PS at 10,000 rpm. The very same VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) treatment that gives this motor such flexibility across the rev range in the R15 is applied to the four-valve SOHC head.

The exact six-speed gearbox is still present, but Yamaha has shortened the final gearing by choosing a larger 52-tooth rear sprocket rather than the R15’s 48-tooth unit. The MT will be quicker off the line and considerably more sensitive at low speeds, which will help it maneuver through city traffic while having a lower top speed. The suspension and brake systems on the R15 are also used on the MT.

Make your ride Highly maneuverable and enjoyable

Yamaha debuted the MT-15 there before allowing us to ride the bike for the first time, even though the track is a setting better suited to the sportier R15.

You will find the MT-15 to be quite nimble and fast throughout the track, especially at the two chicanes where you will be able to carry unexpectedly high speeds because of the leverage provided by the wide handlebar, despite the MT-15 having a 10-mm longer wheelbase than the R15.

The bike’s 138-kilogram kerb weight and small profile made it very comfortable to ride, and the reduced gearing gives it quick acceleration and a wheelie-friendly top speed.


The Mt 15 price is Rs 1.36 lakh (ex-showroom), which is only three grand less than the R15 V3.0. At first glance, this might appear reasonable given that they are essentially the same motorcycle under the skin, but when you take into account the MT-15’s lack of dual-channel ABS, its box-section swingarm, and the fact that in our market, faired motorcycles continue to command a significant premium over naked bikes, it does seem a bit overpriced.

Yamaha has introduced the MT-15, a beautiful, well-made naked motorcycle with a powerful engine and capable handling, perfect for a rider who likes the dynamics and feel of the R15 V3.0 but doesn’t need the sporty riding posture. Only its aggressive aesthetics will draw the younger generation trying to give their bike a little more street cred because it is more expensive than the other entry-level streetfighters on the market.

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