Tips to Protect Your Floor Before Moving

It is safe to say that you are moving into another home, improving your furnishings or hoping to add some new furniture over special times of year or new year?

During a move of any sort, many individuals are so centered around their furniture that they disregard a similarly significant piece of their home — their hardwood floors. Your hardwood floors are a significant venture that enhances your property, solace to your way of life and carries you more by and large fulfillment with your space.

Numerous things during a move can harm your ground surface. Weighty furnishings and machines can imprint, ding and scratch floors whenever hurried or dropped. Regardless of whether you do everything in and, substantial traffic can leave behind soil and scrapes – which implies you probably won’t get your store back, or you might need to make fixes. While covering your floors is another pre-moving advance to deal with, it’s great to stay away from any issues. Utilize these tips from Adams Van Lines to track down the most effortless and most ideal ways of ensuring your hardwood, cover, steps, vinyl and tile.

Step by step instructions to secure floors while moving 

Regardless kind of ground surface you have, utilize these tips to keep them in great condition while moving:

Clean first. While you’re certain to follow in some soil when stacking or dumping, start with clean surfaces so garbage doesn’t get caught under covers or ground into rug or tile.

Measure the region. Measure high-traffic ways through your home to discover the number of straight feet of floor covering you need.

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Put down floor covering. Utilize the aide beneath to decide the best kind of covering for every space.

Use care with weighty machines and furniture. We suggest putting down cardboard or a sheet of floor covering prior to moving apparatuses or furniture away from the dividers. Then, at that point, utilize a cart to stack and dump huge pieces to abstain from dropping or hauling them. Utilize our stacking tips to figure out how to move weighty things securely.

Put down a mat. Request that everybody wipe their feet in the middle of outings outside.

Consider parting your group into indoor and open air groups. On the off chance that you have a few groups helping, separate them into two gatherings. One gathering stays inside, taking things to or from the entryway, and the other remaining parts outside, taking things from the home to the moving hardware (or in turn around when dumping). This will assist with downplaying followed in soil.

Have an arrangement prior to putting things down. Knowing where things will go can assist with diminishing the occasions you shift things around.

Picking the best floor security

Covering floors — particularly in high-traffic regions like lobbies and doorways — is perhaps the most ideal way of securing them. While you can utilize floor coverings, old covers or drop materials, those can be a stumbling peril. Items planned explicitly for covering floors will give the best insurance and be most secure underneath.

Most floor covering choices can be found at any tool shop. You’ll utilize blue painter’s tape to get the vast majority of these various kinds, so make certain to snatch a lot of that also.

Hardwood floors

You have a few choices with regards to ensuring hardwood floors while moving machines and furniture. Red rosin paper is the most reasonable, and it will give a layer of assurance against mileage. In any case, the best insurance for prefinished hardwood is an item called Floor Shield. It’s thicker than the red rosin paper, non-slip and self-following, so it’s defensive and simple to put down. Note: on the off chance that you have work completed wood, it has a more fragile completion, so we suggest utilizing developer’s paper or X-board for a comparable degree of assurance as the Floor Shield.

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Floor covering

The best and least demanding way of covering rug when moving is to utilize a glue poly sheet called cover film. Apply it as you would plastic wrap — unroll it and step on it to take advantage of the floor. It doesn’t leave a buildup when applied for a brief time frame, and it will forestall stains or harm to both cut-and circled heap rugs.


It takes a little work to cover a bunch of steps, however everything will work out just fine since they will see a great deal of traffic during a move. Use cover film over covered steps and red rosin paper over each and every kind of deck since it’s adaptable and will be the simplest to uniquely fit. Make certain to tape the paper down adequately to try not to any outing perils.


Scrapes and tears are the greatest concern while moving with vinyl flooring, so make certain to set down cardboard in case you will hurry machines or furniture over them. In any case, ensure the wrap up by setting down red rosin paper and appending it with blue painter’s tape.


To forestall broken or broken tiles while moving, you need something sturdier. While it’s the most costly choice, it gives the thickest assurance when moving weighty things on delicate tile floors.

Here are a few tips to save money while relocation.


Try not to chance harm to your delightful wood floors. By taking a couple of straightforward careful steps, you can ensure your ground surface and keep the wonderful wood in incredible condition.

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