The strongest attacking players in the career of Thomas Tuchel

For two years in a row, Thomas Tuchel played with his teams in the Champions League finals. If last season Paris Saint-Germain, led by the German, eventually lost the trophy to Bayern, then Chelsea became the strongest team in the Champions League 2020/21, which led Tuchel to this triumph.

It is not surprising that after such bright speeches, Thomas is spoken about very often. Someone judges how talented this specialist is, and whether he will soon be able to make the football world forget about Guardiola’s domination, others like to talk about who Tuchel will ask Chelsea to sign in the next transfer window, and today we propose to remember the strongest attacking players the German coach has worked with in his career.

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Angel Fabián Di María

Argentine Angel Di Maria played Paris Saint-Germain under the guidance of Thomas Tuchel. The footballer came to the capital French team long before the appearance of the German coach there, but it was with him that he became one of the defining players of the team, acting more actively and better in attack.

In total, under the leadership of Tuchel, Di Maria played 103 matches for PSG, in which he demonstrated a very decent performance – 36 goals scored and 49 more assists. These figures are in stark contrast to those that Di Maria is showing now, with Tuchel’s successor Mauricio Pochettino at the helm. Under the Argentine coach, Angel has played four times fewer matches for the Parisians (26), but the performance has fallen down with a much greater proportion than four times – only 2 goals and 9 assists in the asset of Di Maria.


Under Tuchel’s direction, Neymar played in France for two and a half years. It was with the German specialist that the Brazilian climbed to the highest point so far – the Champions League final, which, as mentioned above, was not conquered by PSG at that time, but formed in favor of Bayern.

Interestingly, it was Tuchel, and not Unai Emery, who had previously worked with the Parisians, under whom, if I may say so in this situation (because the player was taken, first of all, by the bosses of PSG, and they were hardly interested in the coach’s position in this question), and bought Neymar, it was possible to reveal the Brazilian to a greater extent. If, under the leadership of Emery Ney, he scored 28 goals and gave 18 assists in 30 fights, then Tuchel taught the Brazilian legionnaire to work for the team, while maintaining a high score of goals scored – 51 goals with 32 assists in 67 matches.

Kylian Mbappe

Thomas Tuchel is definitely lucky to work with such a talent as Kylian Mbappe. The striker, who was snatched from Monaco by Paris Saint-Germain a year before the German coach joined the club, quickly confirmed that the advances given to him in the Monegasque camp were not accidental. And under Emery, and then under Tuchel, Mbappa beat goals in batches, remaining the most significant figure in the attack of the Parisians, despite the presence of Di Maria, Neymar and many other very worthy players there.

In total, under Tuchel, Mbappa played 98 matches in all tournaments, having chalked up 83 goals scored and 46 assists – phenomenal performance worthy of the highest awards and praise. However, so far Kilian has not taken the Champions League and the Golden Ball, so coveted for every football player, although by his 22 years he had already managed to acquire the world title, obtained in 2018 on the fields of Russia.

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