Steps To Buy  Used Car Under 10000

With the increasing number of new vehicles being launched, the used car market is expanding at an unparalleled rate. You don’t have to settle for an old, dull version of the ideal car if you buy a second-hand car.

If you are looking to buy a used car under 10000, let us tell you some important steps to keep in mind.

Car Selection

It is the most important factor in buying a car. It would be wise and prudent to buy a car that fits your needs and requirements. For example – it would not make sense to buy a large SUV for your daily commute if you are single. It would also not make sense to buy a compact sedan if you are a family of 6 people and want an outgoing car for you to be driving long distances.

Check All Shopping Options

There are many options when it comes to buying used cars, be it directly to the owner, used car dealers, and many others who offer used car services. If you see a car that you like, do not hesitate to ask, about the reasons for the sale, how it was used, whether the car was damaged, and much more. The more questions you have, the better your chances of finding a used car.

Here are some places where you can hunt for used cars.

Pre-Neighborly Managed Dealer

Okay, so these used car dealers are a simple thing. However, this does not mean that these vehicles are harmless, there is a possibility that the odometer may be tampered with or the documents are forged. It may be best to have your mechanic check the car’s interior and exterior. Second, these cars will be more expensive compared to going straight to the dealer to buy them. Make sure the dealer is not the owner of the car otherwise it becomes the third car, and this greatly affects the market value of the car.

Online Classifieds

Save time and by clicking a button or tapping on the screen, you have the number of used car options in front of you. Sites make life easier but one cannot fully trust the information displayed as this may also be a lie. You need to go to the car and inspect it carefully and make a decision.

Car Inspection

Okay, so you found a used car that you like and want to try. In all its validity, a test drive is not just a test of the engine or the way a car drives. By taking a driving test your senses see what you need and what every car offers. Let us guide you to the best points for taking a test drive.

  • The check should be long enough to tell you about the car’s performance, emphasizing driving at least 5 km on different roads to understand the car and your comfort.
  • The car should start immediately and there should be no unusual noise other than the engine roar.
  • The gears of your used car under 1000 should move smoothly and when releasing the clutch the car should move forward without brakes.


Buying a car for others may be a basic necessity because if they are more satisfied it can be a sign of status, but for many, it is a dream come true. Whatever the reason, the car is an important part of families. But buying a car is a huge financial decision, involving a lot of savings, and foresight.

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