Porsche’s classics – a few words about renovation

Do you dream of a car that will evoke real emotions? A car followed by the eyes of passersby as it smoothly flows through the streets of your city. There are such cars. Old, classic and, what is more, surprising with their appearance. These include Porsche models such as the 914, 964 and 911 “Queen”. You have a lot of options to choose from. However, if you dream about an old vehicle, first learn a little more about its restoration.

The first steps to renovate vintage car models

It all starts with dismantling the vehicle, checking its condition and paying special attention to the parts, such as Shifter Kits for Porsche. At this stage, you will easily notice which components require replacement and which ones will serve you for the next couple of years. Every professional renovation should take into account several components such as: car’s body, chassis, upholstery and all mechanical and electronic systems. All this to let our classic retain its character – comparable to the one it received at the Porsche showroom.

Then comes sandblasting. This part of restoration can open the eyes of many buyers, because it is the operation that you can see the real condition of a vehicle. The photos presented can often be confusing or not exactly showing the condition of the purchased classic. Why? Because of unfair practice of many sellers. Unprofessional repairs are already said to be the rule on the car market.

Classic Porsche and panel-beating repairs

Here comes the real fun. Change of sheathing, new floor and design you’ve always dreamed of. Panel-beating repairs as a rule eat up countless hours and energy, but the final result is worth it! The latest technologies available, mechanics and renovation specialists – a lot of effort is constantly put in the quality of the entire process of bringing classic models back to life. Of course, the old methods are still widely used. One of them is galvanization, without which renovation would not be as effective as it is.

Right after the car’s body repair, the vehicle is given a color. Most often the one assigned by the manufacturer, but there are more and more modifications. Nevertheless, the most important thing during this stage is to pay attention to the flawless execution of the coating. And don’t forget about the mirror finishing touch.

The most expensive part — mechanical repairs

At this stage, any parts that do not meet the expectations of the current owner are replaced. Most often the rule applies to a gearbox and mechanical system of a car, and the engine is restored. However, bear in mind that it is extremely important that all parts are purchased from known sources. If they turn out to be substitutes, it may cost you deprivation of your car’s yellow registration plates. If only it is all correct, feel free to customize it, for example changing Shifter Kit In your Porsche.

Completion of renovation

The car is reassembled immediately after upholstering Porsche seats. Experts agree that this stage is just as much time-consuming as all the above-mentioned stages combined. It is because new parts often need to be individually fitted to a classic Porsche model. All these works must be done with extreme precision and accuracy so as not to scratch or damage the car. Such attention to detail is a guarantee of success.

Patience when renovating a Porsche

Car renovation is not roller-skating. It requires exceptional presence, focus, skills acquired over the years of practice and time. Each element must be dealt with a special attention and car parts ordered from reliable sources, all of these generates additional time. You must be patient, trust the professionals you chose and keep in mind that in a few months you will receive the car you have always dreamed of. Just focus on your target and act.

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