Mistakes That You Must Avoid At Any Cost While Applying Car Stickers

For some people, their attitude and personality are what makes them different from the rest no matter in what outfit they are. This same theory also applies to car strikers; some people are well accustomed to all the steps of applying car stickers whereas some do not even know the first step. Just like any other decoration, adding car stickers will also add beauty to your car.

In this article, we will discuss some of the serious mistakes that you must avoid at any cost while applying car stickers.

Dirty Surface

If the surface is not clean and you apply your car decal over that dirty surface then the car sticker will flap in wind and it will look as if the decal has been taped. So cleaning the surface before applying the car decal stickers is an important thing that you must do. It will remove all the dirt which would otherwise be visible through your car decal and will make your car decal look ugly.

Not Removing Bubbles

No one likes car stickers that have air bubbles within them as it will make the message on the car decal difficult to read and guess what? Not removing the bubbles is the most common mistake! After applying the car decal stickers if you do not squeegee the bubbles out, they will remain trapped inside. These bubbles will also affect the adhesiveness of the car decal. To remove the car decal, the easiest thing that you can do is use a squeegee or a squeegee-like thing such as a card. If this technique fails then according to WikiHow, make a tiny hole into the edge of the bubble to get rid of it. But remember just a tiny hole.

Bad Temperature

If you apply the car stickers when the surface is extremely hot then your car sticker decal will look burnt out. The hot surface will also melt the adhesive. As the hot temperature is not suitable do not think that cold temperature will do any good. If you apply the car sticker on a cold surface then when the temperature will gradually rise, it will force the sticker to stretch which the sticker will oppose, and in this tug of a war situation, air will slip in causing air bubbles to develop under the car sticker. The temperature range to apply the car sticker is 70 degrees.

Ripping Off the Film Instantly

For successfully applying car stickers avoid ripping off the installation film immediately after applying the sticker, provide some time for the adhesive to settle properly. Not letting the adhesive settle and ripping off the film instantly will make the sticker look worse. Besides this also remember not to rip off the film too slowly maintain a moderate speed of ripping off.

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So these are some mistakes that you must avoid at any cost while applying car stickers. Another thing that you must take care of is not to wash your car instantly after applying the sticker. Now you are aware of the mistakes, so do everything you can, to avoid them.

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