Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Toledo: Key pointers to know

You sustained injuries in Toledo because the other party was negligent. This could refer to a case of medical malpractice, a slip & fall accident, or an on-road mishap. As per Ohio laws, you can seek compensation for your injuries and losses from the at-fault party, if they owed you a duty of care. The question is whether you need to hire a personal injury lawyer in Toledo. Here are some key pointers worth nothing. 

Reasons to lawyer up

If you have a valid personal injury claim, talking to a lawyer is always a wise step. However, there are some cases for which legal expertise is even more necessary. Call an injury lawyer if –

  1. You sustained serious/catastrophic injuries
  2. You were partly at fault
  3. Your insurance claim has been denied
  4. The other party is influential or has huge resources
  5. It was a case of an auto accident where a truck was involved

Insurance companies are not here to help you

This is one fact that many claimants fail to understand. You would expect the claims adjuster to help or guide you on key matters, but all they want is to reduce what they pay for settlements. Bad faith insurance tactics are way too common, and if you have no experience dealing with claims adjusters, you could end up accepting the first offer. Let an attorney fight the battle for you. Good injury lawyers are skilled negotiators, and no matter who is on the other side, they wouldn’t step back. 

Finding a good injury lawyer

Your best bet is to check online websites like Nolo and Justia. Google also has ready listings of injury lawyers in Toledo and other cities in Ohio, which can help sort options. Hiring an attorney is all about looking for specific experience and expertise. For example, an attorney may know it all when it comes to medical practice lawsuits but not be capable of helping with auto accident claims. Ensure that your lawyer has worked on similar cases in their practice. Meet the attorney in person to know your claim and overall legal options that you can consider.

Cost of seeking legal help

Most injury lawyers work on a contingency fee. This fee is only payable when you win a settlement. Don’t shy away from asking the lawyer about the costs involved, but it isn’t the only reason to choose them over other experienced ones. 

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