Four Parties that Will Decide Fault in a Hillsville Car Accident

If you have suffered from an injury in a car accident, you might be concerned about a lot of things without worrying about the at-fault party’s insurer denying liability and blaming you for the crash. Keep in mind that insurance providers do not exist to prioritize your best interest. They are in business to make money. 

Fault in a vehicle crash can be easy or difficult to determine. For example, in a rear-end crash, it is easy to tell who caused the accident. However, fault in other kinds of accidents is not clear. Typically, there are different versions of who is at fault for the crash. But to ensure you can hold the negligent driver liable for your injuries and damages, hire a Hillsville Auto Accident Lawyer to represent your interests. The following parties may decide fault in a car accident:

 The Drivers Involved

Sometimes, fault in a car accident is decided by the drivers involved. One of the drivers may admit to causing the crash directly or indirectly. In some instances, a driver can be in a panic that they point the finger at themselves right away. Make sure you do not do this because this can hurt your car accident claim. Rather, consider taking photos of the accident scene and the cars involved. Also, get the contact information and names of any witnesses. 

The Responding Police Officer

The police officer who arrives at the crash scene may also decide who caused it. They will determine whether someone is injured and must be transported to a hospital. Then, they assess the crash. The official police report will often indicate who the officer thinks is to blame for the accident. However, keep in mind that the report is not always dependable. But because insurance companies will look at this report, you must get your own copy.

The Insurance Company

When fault for a car accident is not clear from the police report and no driver admitted fault, the insurer will decide who to blame for the crash. Unfortunately, the company will only help their insurer, not you. If you purchased an accident coverage on your vehicle, consider getting reimbursed by your provider for car damage. In this case, your insurer may the other insurance company for reimbursement if they think their policyholder caused the accident. 

The Jury

If the insurance company refuses to settle your car accident claim, you can file a lawsuit and have a jury decide who caused the accident and how much compensation the injured party will get. While most cases do not end up in court, a trial may be necessary to resolve a case. 

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