Find Out Where To Buy A Used Car In Bangkok.

While having access to a personal vehicle undoubtedly improves one’s quality of living and degree of independence, the inconsistent and inadequate nature of Thailand’s public transit network makes automobile ownership a necessity for many. Subway and aerial train systems are pipe dreams in places such as Chonburi, Phuket, as well as Chiang Mai.

Locating Available Vehicles

In Thailand, you can choose from a wide variety of new and pre-owned automobiles. The number of internet alternatives to traditional dealerships is expanding rapidly.

New Automobiles

Dealers at showrooms and auto shows are your best bets for purchasing a brand-new vehicle in Thailand. 

Auto dealerships is just one of many Thai auto lots that provides excellent customer care, legal guidance, and flexible payment plans. They have a number of different makes and models available at various price points and with various discounts and special offers. Used-car warranties and special offers might vary widely between dealerships. If you’re unhappy with your current dealer’s service, you may want to look elsewhere. You can take a test drive with a license from Thailand, your native country, or another country. It’s possible that salespeople will judge you based on how you look; wearing the part can help. In order to get the best service and have any questions answered, it’s best to visit a dealership in person.

Shows and Events Focusing on Automobiles 

In Thailand, new and pre-owned automobiles can be found when visiting the Bangkok International Motor Show. Every year in December, it serves as a showcase for every automotive company in Thailand, complete with discounts and sales. Due to the high demand, the length of the available test drives may be limited. However, the event could cause delays of up to eight months for the most in-demand models. Mini car displays in shopping malls like Fashion Island may or may not have as competitive pricing as those found at actual automobile dealerships. Customers can see and try out vehicles without feeling as much pressure to make a purchase at these events.

Pre-owned Vehicles

Used automobiles can save you money, but only if you do your research and find a trustworthy technician before making the purchase.

Tents for cars

In Thailand, used automobiles can be purchased from “car tents,” or unauthorized dealers. In addition to being sold “as seen,” these vehicles typically come with limited warranties, so shoppers should be wary of tactics like artificially low mileage. Finance companies frequently partner with car tents to provide on-the-spot financing. They may also substitute less expensive components or charge you more if you pay in cash. Using a car tent to locate a good deal on a car could be a good alternative.

Exclusive, Offline Classifieds

The magazine is a resource for automotive fans, advertising thousands of pre-owned vehicles in Thailand. Advertisements for automobiles can still be seen in print media such as newspapers, apartment complex newsletters, leaflets, posters, and brochures. There’s no foolproof method to finding the car of your dreams, but sometimes luck will shine through.


There are many places to buy a car online in Thailand, both new and old, like, an online dealership. Consumers should exercise caution since they may have few options if the vehicle turns out to be a dud. However, some dealer-operated online marketplaces may charge more than the market rate.


While bidding at an auction for a car can be thrilling and fun, there is some danger involved due to high competition and few possibilities for inspection. Union-Auction provides bilingual (Thai and English) auction listings, as well as paid services for investors, salvage yards, junk yards, and truckers. To use Simulcast, buyers must pay an additional 1,420 baht in addition to the buyer administrative charge of 8,560 baht (which includes VAT of 7%). The sale must be paid for by 4pm on the next business day. Budget appropriately, inspect the vehicle, pay with an internet bank transfer, study the fine print, and place a transparent bid to increase your chances of success. Despite the abundance of vehicle auctions in Thailand, it may be worthwhile to seek out a smaller, locally organized sale.

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