4 Car Tips You Should Use Before Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be a process that you may not want to deal with, but when you need a reliable vehicle, you may not be able to afford a brand-new one off the lot. That leaves you with a couple of options. One is to keep your car and put some money into it, and the second is to buy a used car.

Buying a used car is not as easy as walking onto a car lot and driving away with something new. If you like to gamble, this may be a viable way to shop for a used car, but for most of you, that is simply a problem you do not want to deal with. In that case, you will want to follow the 4 golden rules of buying a used car.

  1. Research Vehicle Models and Types – You want a car for many different reasons that will be unique to you. That is why it is so crucial for you to go online and do some serious research. Look through sites such as Consumer Reports and find the type of vehicle that will work the best for you. You will want to look for a specific model that fits your budget and requirements. That means if you plan on using your new ride to haul around your kids and all their friends, you will want to check out vans and SUVs that can transport everyone and still leave room for the dog.
  2. Check Into Prefinancing Options – You should always check in to all of your prefinancing options. You can go through your usual bank or lender or use one of the many online comparison sites that do all the work for you. The vital thing to remember when you are looking to buy a used car is what your budget says you can afford. Along with financing options that keep your payment under your budgeted amount, you will have a good idea of what type of used Hyundai you should be looking for.
  3. Test Drive Your Choices – Once you are ready to proceed down to the car lot, you will need to prepare for a good test drive. That does not mean driving the car around the block and calling it good. You want to take for a drive that puts it through city driving and highway abuse. There are many things that you need to pay attention to.
  • Engine noise
  • Engine hesitation
  • Transmission slippage
  • Steering wheel wobble
  • Driveline slippage
  • Comfort
  1. Mechanic Check – While test-driving your potential new car, you will want to stop by your mechanics’ shop and have them check it out for you. You want to ensure that this is an automotive technician you know and trust. Never take the word of the people at the car lot. Your personal mechanic will check everything out for you and give you a printout of what is wrong, if anything, and what may become a problem in the foreseeable future. You can use this information to not buy the car or haggle on the asking price.

These 4 tips when buying a used car can help you get into a reliable used car that fits your needs and stays within your price range. Remember that the sticker price is not set in stone. You can haggle the price down a little but keep your offers high enough to keep the salesperson interested in your desires. If you lowball them, you will have lost any chance of getting the car you want at a lower price than what they are asking.

Other than that, you have one thing left to do: finalize the sale of the car and drive it home.

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