3 Unexpected 4WD Accessories

We all love our 4×4 cars, and we put hours into making them the best possible car.

Building up a car from the ground up is just a really special feeling. It’s almost like raising a child and watching them grow.

However there are a million different variations that your car can become depending on what modifications you make to it.

In this article, we talk about 3 unexpected 4WD accessories that can improve the quality of your car.

Car Hat Holder

If you’re like me and live in Australia. It’s pretty bloody hot and sunny, which means we always need to carry large hats.

But where do you put these hats in your car?

This is where a car hat holder is invaluable. It pushes your hats against the roof lining of your car to keep them safe. It does this using a spring loaded tensioner=, so they can never fall down.

Honestly this is one of the best accessories I have ever installed in my car.

Folding Antenna Mount

Most of our 4WD cars have large UHFs antennas. These can be a real issue when going into underground parking or even into drive through car washes.

The best solution is a folding antenna mount which lets your UHF antenna tilt back.

Not only does this fix any impractical issues, it also can make your 4WD look much more attractive as it gives your car some angles.

Car Visor Mirror with LED Lights

What I love most about 4WDs are the old cars, and what I hate most about 4WDs are the old cars.

The lack of technology and creature comfort in old cars is an issue many people are trying to solve.

This LED car visor mirror is a great step to improve the useability and interior style of your car. Now instead of relying on an old, small and dirty mirror – you can use a well lit LED mirror.

This LED mirror simply straps to your sunshade, still letting it fold up and keep out of the way. It’s a super easy installation that makes a big improvement to your car.


Sometimes in the world of everyone being the same, it’s important to stand out and be different. These 3 unexpected 4WD accessories from Dirt Roads can give your car a unique look, style and usability.

Get out there guys and keep exploring the great outdoors!

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