What are the dangers of Socially acceptable drugs?

In recent years, some drugs have become a common part of our daily life. This is happening at a time when drug addiction is at an all-time high.  Analysts argue that the current addict population will continue to rise unless our society and government take a strong stance against drugs in all forms.  Before we argue about the dangers of drugs becoming acceptable in our society, we need to identify the main culprits since not all drugs are becoming common. Substances like some prescription drugs, opioids are still considered illicit substances, and having them on your person or selling them still has a considerable legal penalty. The substances that have become legal and socially acceptable in recent years are alcohol, tobacco, and in some state’s marijuana. Tobacco has been legal in the country for a long time, but alcohol was banned in the country during the Prohibition era which ended in 1933. Since then, alcohol has become an integral part of our daily lives.

It is common to at least have an alcoholic drink at least once during the day. Smoking cigarettes has also become a common act to the point where it is often portrayed by workers smoking during breaks in movies and television. Pubs and bars have opened in nearly every city block and even most restaurants and hotels also have their bars to service those who need a drink. Even in airplanes, alcoholic drinks are commonly served. As a result, the alcoholism rates are increasing like never. Among the newly formed addicts here is a disproportionate amount of young people. These youngsters instead of attending universities and then eventually leading our country to the future are wasting their lives by drowning themselves in drugs.

Alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana are the gateway to other drugs as they lower the inhibitions of the person taking them to the point that they are willing to try other drugs. Moreover, in some cases, people often try to mix other drugs with alcohol specially to improve the high given by the drug. This is often a dangerous task since if the dosage is not perfect, which it rarely is, the effects can be too strong for the human body and lead to severe damage to different organs in the body or outright death. The danger is often overlooked by people since they consider alcohol to be less dangerous than other drugs that are banned in the country. They believe that since it is legal, and everyone is using it cannot be that bad and so they end up abusing the substance which they believe to be harmless. It has gotten to the point where people take their prescription medicine with alcohol. This is a major problem in the country. The reason being that a large part of the population, especially the older part, is dependent on a lot of medication for different diseases. These include coronary heart disease, seizures, infection, anxiety, diabetes, high cholesterol or blood pressure, and many more health problems. These health conditions are also becoming more prevalent especially the heart and cholesterol-related health problems because of the obesity crisis faced by the country. All this means that it is very likely that if a person is taking medicine with alcohol the combination of both substances can end up harming the person. In case you are suffering from alcohol addiction, it is vital to contact a rehab clinic i.e., detox queens

Tobacco and marijuana are no different than alcohol in the dangers posed to the human body. The smoke that is inhaled by the smoker can lead to the extensive damage done to the lungs of the smoker. Furthermore, the smoke released by the cigarette is more dangerous since it is unfiltered.

Overall, we need to remember that even though these substances are legal they still can be very dangerous so we should stay away from abusing them. Infused remedies for everything

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