Truck Problems That Are Not Worth Fixing

If you drive a truck you probably already appreciate the importance of looking after it and having it serviced regularly. Taking care of your truck means it is likely to last longer and you’ll spend more time on, rather than off, the road. It’s worth contacting a reputable automotive electrician today to get your truck checked.

Most problems can be spotted early and resolved, helping you to keep trucking. But, there are a few issues that are simply not worth fixing. It’s either too expensive to purchase the parts, the labour bill will be extortionate, or they are simply not worth repairing. You should be aware of these issues:

Engine Replacement

This can be a difficult one to decide as the cost of replacing a blown engine is high. In many cases it will cost more than simply retiring the truck and getting a replacement. However, a replacement engine is likely to be less than a brand new truck, leaving you with the issue of deciding between a used truck and an engine you know little about, fixing your own truck or buying new.

It is worth noting that if your truck has other issues then replacing the engine is never a good option.


Rust is one of the biggest issues for all vehicles and trucks are no different. Trucks are strong but the metal they are fabricated from is prone to rust. The conditions that trucks live in do not help. Water on the roads and salt contribute to corrosion on the truck.

While a small amount can be treated and repaired, as soon as the truck starts to have more rust it is unlikely it will be economic to repair.

Transmission Issues

Rebuilding the transmission for a truck is a complicated, time-consuming, and expensive business. If you notice transmission issues it is best to get them looked at straight away. If you leave them then it is likely they will get worse and the cost of repair will be prohibitive.

You’ll also find there are a limited number of truck transmission specialists, meaning your truck could be off the road for a significant amount of time. Again, the sooner the repair is done, the better.

Wiring Issues

Wiring issues are generally one of the most difficult problems to find a solution for. There are so many possibilities that it can be simply a game of trial and error. In extreme cases, the wiring needs to be replaced. However, it is not easy to get to all the wiring and the cost of this type of overhaul is generally more than the truck is worth.

This can even be the case if the main onboard computer develops issues as it can be very difficult to isolate the issue.

It should be noted that most truck problems can be fixed. However, they are deemed not worth fixing if the cost of repairs is more than the truck is worth. The newer the truck the less likely it is that this will be the case.

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