Top 7 E-Sports to Bet Online in the Philippines 2022

In the Philippines, people like to play games and bet on them, especially esports. The Philippines is in a part of Asia called Southeast Asia. Since then, it has been thought to have the fastest-growing esports audience across all games for a few years.

More importantly, the Philippines is one of the best places to hold esports tournaments, which okbet provides. The infrastructure is good and not too expensive, and the fans are emphatic. Because of how the current government in the Philippines feels about drug use, many organizers have selected to look to other Southeast Asian countries instead.

The esports scene in the Philippines

Despite the recent setbacks, the esports scene in the Philippines is still going strong. In 2018, “The Nationals” were announced as the first franchise-based electronic sports league. It began in earnest in August 2018. The “Road to the Nationals” gave interested players a chance to show what they could do. Players who won were added to the collection.

Later on, the first season of the official franchised league, The Nationals, began. The Cignal Ultra Warriors beat the Suha-XCTN Punishers to win the championship.

The Philippines chose to host The Nationals and the 2019 SEA Games. That is the first time esports titles have been included as a medal event in a multi-sport match approved by the International Olympic Committee. These are the top 7 esports you can bet on okbet.

Call of Duty Betting

If you look at the world of first-person shooters from a bird’s-eye view, it’s easy to see that Call of Duty stands out as the most important landmark. Since the franchise is one of the most talked-about in competitive gaming, it makes sense that the platform around it would use such a bright light. But status aside, it’s important to note that Call of Duty is still one of the best games to play if you’re interested in eSports. And we’ll tell you why.

Call of Duty is not only a well-known name in the gaming world, but it is also one of the most critical games in eSports. Since its winning formula and algorithms haven’t changed, the FPS hit has gone on to host unique events with big cash payouts for both players and bettors.

CS: GO esports betting

Since so many tournaments are held every year, CS: GO may be one of the most popular games. Filipinos should also go to the following local matches: eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia, Shootout Invitational, Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit, Mineski Pro Gaming League, WASD Tarlac eSports League, and CS: GO Asia Championships.

Dota 2 Betting in the Philippines

DOTA 2 is another popular game on sites where you can bet on esports in the Philippines. You can make extra money by watching local tournaments and big ones like The DOTA 2 esports betting Philippines Summit, ESL One, or the International. Make sure you bet on The Nationals, the Philippine Pro Gaming League, the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit, Galaxy Battles, and the MPGL Asian Championship.

LOL Betting in the Philippines

League of Legends is a popular choice for people who bet on esports because it can bring money. Every day of the year, there are tournaments, events, and matches. Filipino gamers should focus on significant international events like the League of Legends Pro League, League of Legends Masters Series, and League of Legends World Championships. But don’t miss the local tournaments: Philippine Pro Gaming League, LST Philippines National Qualifier, LST Philippines National Minor, and League of Legends SEA Tour.

FIFA Betting

Ever since well over twenty years ago, EA Sports has been putting out a new FIFA game every year. After twenty years, it’s unlikely that the publisher will ever stop or even slow down that routine. With all the banknotes that go into the football series, it’s easy to see why EA keeps putting out new games in the series without blinking an eye. And it’s pretty clear that the competition is a big part of this ongoing success, but it’s worth saying anyway.

FIFA hasn’t changed that much since it first came out in 1993. Visually, it’s become a marvel, and each entry brings many significant bug fixes and improved mechanics. The gameplay is most likely at its best in the most recent part of the timeline. By putting these two things together, it’s easy to see how FIFA has attracted so many fans. And the eSports community isn’t precisely tight-knit, either. It’s bigger, fancier, and more prosperous than ever before.

NBA 2K Betting

NBA 2K has been a mainstay of online basketball for more than 20 years, and its 21 installments have kept the series alive and added to its legacy. And as for 2021, the eSports scene looks like it will be bigger than ever, with the basketball hit still bringing in many players and prizes and a considerable number of fans. But even with all of that, and although the 2K series is famous worldwide, the NBA platform doesn’t usually put out the same impressive numbers as other eSports platforms.

If you take your eyes off the first-person shooter network, you’ll clean the top shelf of the sports world. Or, to be more exact, NBA 2K. Even though it might not be as valuable as other games on the market, it still has a lot of loyal fans and a roster of professional teams that are always looking for a good fight. Also, the minds behind the franchise are still very committed to keeping their annual NBA 2K League full of regular matches and changing prize pools.

Valorant Betting

If you pay close attention to FPS games geared toward the competitive world, you might find Valorant. You’ll have to look pretty hard through the looking glass to see the free-to-play game since it came out last year and is only for PC. But despite being new and having a smaller player base, the first-person shooter has made it to the scene and given itself a place to leave its mark. And as for 2021, well, the game is only getting better, and there is a lot of room to grow.

Since Valorant is only a year old, most well-known bookmakers don’t pay much attention to it when it comes to betting. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tournaments or odds in the game. Riot Games has worked hard to get people excited about the new game. For example, they made the Valorant Champions Tour help boost the game’s reputation. It’s probably the best beginning to give you a sense of what’s going on.


In the less than 20 years that esports have been around, they have changed quickly. And betting on esports is changing in ways that have surprised many people. In just a few years, many traditional sportsbooks such as okbet have made betting on esports a big part of their offer. And now that these sites offer in-play betting, live streaming, and even fantasy esports, we can all get closer to the action and make more money in betting.

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