Online Slots Promotions vs Land-Based Casinos Promotions 

Once upon a time, if you wanted to play slot games or indulge in some casino table game action, then the only option available was to visit a land-based casino. You could even visit an arcade or betting shop for your slot game fix too, but the game choice here was smaller.  If you didn’t fancy visiting any of these establishments, then you would have to go without, and this is why online slots are so popular – check out OnlineCanadianCasino.

Since 1996 online slots have been giving punters across the world an extra option that didn’t exist until the invention of the internet. Now you can play online slots in an environment of your choosing. This is why online slots have surpassed land-based casinos as the number one form of gambling entertainment. Online slots casinos have also illustrated just how many potential customers were out there waiting for another way to play slot games. The online slots industry is now the biggest revenue creator for the gambling industry and there are no signs yet, of this sector of the industry slowing down. 

The Hunt for New Customers 

Like any form of entertainment, new customers are vital to its survival, and despite the success of online slots gambling, new customers are constantly needed to keep the industry alive. The way to stand out from the online casino crowd and attract new customers is through tempting promotions and bonuses. Online slot casinos can be more extravagant with their bonuses because they have fewer overheads to pay and make more money than their land-based cousins. This is because they can stock hundreds of slot games on digital platforms whilst brick-and-mortar casinos are limited by space. So, if you are looking for the most generous promotions and bonuses, then your first port of call should be online slot casinos. 

Deposit Matching and Free Spins 

When you join an online casino and deposit for the first time, you will usually be offered a special bonus offer that you can either accept or decline. Online bonuses usually come in the shape of deposit matching and free spins. Deposit matching is simple to understand, whatever amount you choose to deposit, the casino will equal that amount with casino cash. Obviously, there are minimum and maximum limits to this, and wagering requirements are placed on the bonus money. Otherwise, casinos would not make any profit if they constantly gave out free cash with no strings attached. Free spins are also common features of online casino promotions and the trend here is to allow players to keep what they win without conditions being placed on winnings. 

Land-Based Casinos 

Land-based casinos have been around since the 17th century and despite the rise of online gambling, brick and mortar casinos continue to survive. However, the bonuses and promotions they offer are different, because the emphasis here is on the unique experience offered by the casino. The perks come in the shape of free drinks and free meals. You can collect points on your player card and exchange them for some free play too whilst you soak up the entire experience.

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